Woodsy Wedding Ideas for 2018

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Woodsy Wedding Ideas

2018 is the year of the woodsy wedding.  This is an organic twist on the popular rustic wedding theme that has dominated the decade.  So, if your planning a 2018 wedding, look past the rustic barn and burlap wrapped mason jars, and embrace the beauty of nature with these woodsy wedding ideas!  

woodsy mountian wedding.jpg



Woodsy Wedding Ideas: The Ranch at Rock Creek

Tucked in the mountains of Montana is The Ranch at Rock Creek.  It's sweeping vistas and natural beauty make this a top destination for 2018 weddings.  I love the natural feel of their tent set-up, giving your guests a viable option for inclement weather that is lovely and keeps the theme alive. If Montana is too far, look for other out-of-the-box nature based locations for your wedding.


papercase wood escrot cards.jpg

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Woodsy Wedding Ideas: Papercase Studio

Included in Papercase Studio's collection, are these unique and nature based place cards.  Using natural elements, even in the smallest of details, will bring nature into your wedding and help reinforce the woodsy theme.






Woodsy Wedding Ideas: Jabel Die Struck Jewelry Since 1916

Not only does Jabel have a gorgeous collection of nature and woodsy wedding bands, but they are made using heirloom quality techniques such as die striking and engraving.  These designs include hand engraved wheat bands, carved rose and leaf bands, as well as ivy inspired scroll and milgrain bands.  The rings come in a variety of designs including straight and curved wedding bands, yellow, white, or rose gold bands, delicate bands and thick bands.  Your only dilemma will be which one too choose!


liancarlo front.jpg
liancarlo back.jpg
liancarlo detail.jpg

Woodsy Wedding Ideas: Liancarlo Gown

 This Liancarlo gown is spectacular! There is a rich, organic, and woodsy quality with it's lace, embroidery, muted color, and creative design.  This is a gown fit for a woodland fairy princess...it's exquisite and a great example of woodsy wedding gowns. 


Sarah Worden.jpg
sarah worden2.jpg
Photography: Jag Studios
sarah worden3.jpg

Woodsy Wedding Ideas:  Sarah Worden 

Today's wedding designs calls for a creative approach to florals, and these Sarah Worden designs are superb. Pulling in natural textures and colors transforms an ordinary bouquet or center piece into a woodland wonderland!  To see more of Sarah's beautiful florals visit her website and Instagram profile.



Featured On Chic Vintages Brides, Photography: The Pinwheel Collective,
commonwealth cake company purple cake.jpg
commonwealth cake company rustic cake.jpg
Photographer: Emily Marie Photography

Woodsy Wedding Ideas: Commonwealth Cake Company

Yes, you can even have a woodsy wedding cake!  Look at these beautiful designs from Commonwealth Cake Company.  It's hard to imagine cutting into such a lovely creation.  From hand painted florals drifting to the ground to agate inspired stone-like details, nature is very much alive in these beautiful 'woodsy' cakes. 


Photographer: Ely Fair Photography
Juniper Design 1.jpg
Photographer: Sarah Libby Photography   Venue: Southwind Hills

Juniper Design 2.jpg

Woodsy Wedding Ideas: Juniper Designs

The floral designs from Juniper Designs is the perfect blend of woodsy with formal.  Their creative floral creations combine fresh, creative, and elegant style with an earthy and organic quality!  Their out-of-the-box styling makes these florals a woodsy wedding dream come true with designs that include wild flower and herb boutineers to and garden meadow and ribbon bouquets.  


oak canyon ranch.jpg

oak canyon2.jpg
oak canyon1.jpg
Photographer: Lucky Love Photography

Woodsy Wedding Ideas: Oak Canyon Ranch

On the home page of Oak Canyon Ranch's website it states "our scenic and secluded site is truly a treasure." So true!  This Californian wedding venue puts you in close contact with nature; perfect for a woodsy themed wedding.  Plus, their events are filled with subtle and creative details that will help bring your event to life!

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