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We are in a rose gold renaissance; from fashion to jewelry this romantic blush hue is everywhere!  And, yes, that includes wedding rings!  Previously, wedding ring trends were dominated by white gold and before that yellow gold.  Granted, I still love white and yellow gold, but rose gold has been a breath of fresh air!  After all, not only is rose gold romantic and beautiful, but it pairs perfect with yellow and white gold; giving you a gorgeous mixed metal look.   

To help you decide if rose gold is right for you, let's take a closer look at the metal.  Specifically, let's explore: 

I. The History of the Rose Gold Revival

II. The Care and Maintenance of Rose Gold

III. Rose Gold Myths 

IV. Customizing Wedding Rings in Rose Gold

V. Examples of Rose Gold Wedding Rings


I. History of the Rose Gold Revival

While rose gold has swept the United States off their feet, the metal did not start here.  It began 19th century Russia where Carl Fabergé, famous for his ornate eggs, worked as a jeweler for Russia's Imperialist Czars.  Fabergé was not the only jeweler in Russia using this new and beautiful metal at the time, however, he would become the most famous for it.  Russia embraced the new metal and it quickly became known as Russian Gold.  In later years, as it became more widely used around the world, it was renamed Rose Gold

After it's initial rise in popularity, rose gold returned to the forefront of design in the 1920's when Cartier included rose gold in it's designs.  Today, rose gold is used in a variety of jewelry designs.  Specifically in wedding rings, we see two design styles using it; including vintage style wedding rings and feminine modern wedding rings.  It's hard to believe one metal can be used in two such different design styles, but it can!  When used with marquis and faux marquis settings, millgraining, and ornate engravings, it takes on a vintage look. When set with modern burnished diamonds it takes on a modern look with a feminine quality.  Regardless of how you use it, rose gold wedding rings are beautiful!    Here are examples of each use:





II. Care and Maintenance of Rose Gold

Rose gold is an easy metal to maintain.  Unlike white gold, which requires occasional rhodium, rose gold does not require any plating.  An occasional ultrasonic cleaning through your jeweler or in a home machine is all it take to keep your metal clean.  

Be sure to treat your rose gold wedding ring with the same respect you give to any gold ring.  Avoid chlorinated water such as pools and hot tubs.  Remove your ring before heading to the beach where the combination of a lubricating sun block and your fingers shrinking in the cold water will make it easy for your ring to fall off. 


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III. Rose Gold Myths

The internet can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to spreading information.  Here are some common rose gold myths and what you need to know:

Myth: Rose gold plated wedding rings are the same as rose gold wedding rings.
What You Need To Know: There is a BIG difference between plated metals and actually buying a ring made entirely from the desired metal, not just with rose gold but any precious metal including 14KT, 18KT, Platinum, and even silver.  Plated means it is ONLY coated in the advertised metal.  Underneath the plating are base metals.  Base metals are considered common non-precious metals that are susceptible to oxidation and corrosion and can trigger allergic reactions in some people. Popular base metals and metal blends include iron, nickel, zinc, and lead.  Once the coating rubs off you are left with cheap metal in direct contact with your skin.
Myth: Rose Gold takes a lot of maintenance.
What You Need To Know: Rose Gold take no more time to maintain than yellow gold, and slightly less white gold.  Unlike white gold, yellow and rose gold are not plated.  Virtually, all white gold is plated in rhodium, a metal that increases the gold's bright white luster.  Yellow and Rose gold are not plated and will only need an occasional ultrasonic cleaning either through your jeweler or in a home ultrasonic cleaner. 
Myth: New and old rose gold look the same.
What You Need To Know: Overtime, rose gold will develop what is called a patina.  It occurs overtime when the metal reacts to the environment.  This will create a dark deep luster to the metal as opposed to a new rose gold which is bright and crisp.  A vintage patina is considered desirable by some, while others prefer the cheery bright shine of a freshly polished rose gold.  If you do prefer the vintage gold, be aware of some other factors that go along with vintage jewelry.
Myth: You can't mix your metal colors.
What You Need To Know: Mix All You Want!!!!  This jewelry faux pas has been over for years, but some people still cling to the past.  Let it go [cue Frozen soundtrack].  Mixing yellow, white, and rose gold not only embraces all the beauty of precious metals, but is a hip, chic, and fashion forward look.  If you love style, then this is the look for you!
Myth: Rose gold and pink gold are different.
What You Need To Know: Rose gold and pink gold are the same.  It's all in the marketing.  Surprisingly, the color of rose gold can vary depending on the percentage of copper used when alloying (or mixing the metal).  It can range from a warm pink to a red like hue, though the standard industry color is the common pinkish yellow blush color that you are familiar with.  Other names that you  may see used are red gold or Russian gold.  It's all rose gold!


IV. Custom Rose Gold Wedding Rings

I have a secret that you may not know, any ring can be made in rose gold, regardless of it it is die struck, cast, engraved, or set with stones.  What determines whether you can special order your wedding ring in rose gold is if the designer has the capability and inclination to make it; luckily both of our bridal designers are happy to custom make your wedding ring in any of their precious metals...including rose gold! So, if you don't see it, just ask!


V. Examples of Rose Gold Wedding Rings

I hope you enjoy this collection of rose gold wedding rings.  Remember, if you don't see the perfect ring here, just ask!  We can make almost any wedding ring in 14KT rose gold!







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