What's Better One Wedding Band or Two?

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Apr 3, 2017 9:32:00 AM
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Have you noticed all the brides getting married with two wedding bands? Have you ever asked yourself "what's better, one or two wedding bands?" or "why are some people wearing two wedding bands?"  Surprise, you are not alone. This new trend is sweeping the bridal world, leaving some brides ecstatic about shopping for two wedding bands, while others are unsure if this is a look for them. The good news is that there is no one right answer. As a 2017 bride, you have the freedom to do whatever you want.  Check out the following Q&A and find the answers to all your questions you have been wondering about so you can pick out the perfect wedding band(s)!

  rose gold ring guard set

"Why do some brides have two wedding bands?"
Brides wearing two wedding bands is not a new trend. Rather, this is an old trend finding new life.  Often called ring guards, enhancers, or inserts, these wedding bands frame the top and bottom of the engagement ring with matching wedding bands.  While they don't have to match, most brides do choose a matched set.  Styles range from diamond bands to plain gold bands, angled wedding bands to straight wedding bands, etc.  
One of the reasons brides shop for two wedding bands is because they like the symmetric look ring guards give an engagement ring.  The two rings act as a picture frame, giving the wedding ring set symmetry and balance. Some brides choose to find ring guards that are matching wedding bands and compliment their engagement ring (ex: white gold engagement ring with a white gold ring guard set), while others like a ring guard set that will add contrast and drama to an engagement ring (ex: white gold engagement ring with a rose gold ring guard set).

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Another reason some brides like having two wedding bands is it gives the engagement ring a luxury look.  After all, little can rival the luxury, over-the-top look of having two wedding bands.  Some of the most popular over-the-top ring guards are diamond eternity band sets.  Regardless of what wedding ring guards you choose, its a very regal formal and luxurious look.

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Finally, there is also a practical reason for wearing two wedding bands. A ring guard set will actually help protect the engagement ring band by keeping it from getting bumped, banged, or damaged from everyday wear and tear.  

What's Better One Wedding Band or Two?
"Are there any disadvantages to buying two wedding bands?"
Buying two wedding bands is only a disadvantage if you are on a tight budget.  Think about it, you have half as much to spend on each ring.  That means you either compromise on the look or the quality.  
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"Compromise" is not a word that many brides want to hear when it comes to wedding planning, but if it comes down to quantity over quality, you are putting yourself in a dangerous position.  Sure, you can find an inexpensive set of wedding bands at the local chain jewelry store, but, buyer beware, repair bills are expensive, and if it's a thin band than those bills are definitely in your future, and will be for the rest of your life.  Instead, buy one good, quality wedding band for the wedding, and the matching wedding band for your first anniversary.  
On a side note, if you want a thin ring, make sure it's die struck. When it comes to very thin bands, we only supply die strike rings.  Their superior quality, exceptional density, and heirloom quality make them our ONLY choice for Bella's brides.

 Plain ring guards

"Is there a benefit to only having one wedding band?"


One of the biggest benefits of having one wedding band is that it allows you to spend your budget on a quality ring that is exactly what you want. 

 sapphire ring guards

"Do the ring guards have to be matching wedding bands?"
Traditionally, yes they are matching wedding bands.  However, lately, tradition is taking a back seat to personal style.  So, it's really up to you!  You can choose a traditional set of ring guards or create a unique look by selecting two different ring that you really love.

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