What to ask when engagement ring shopping?

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Apr 17, 2019 2:55:13 PM
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Engagement Ring Shopping Questions

Buying an engagement ring is an overwhelming purchase and knowing what questions to ask will be crucial.  We have broken down some of the best engagement ring questions to help you gather the information you will need to find your perfect ring.  Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.


 Ask Yourself

Before you shop take sometime to explore your capabilities in terms of budget, time-frame, and developing a basic understanding of the language needed to be a smart shopper.  


Why is setting a budget so important?  Simple, an engagement ring can run a few hundred dollars for an alternative gemstone engagement ring to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a jaw dropping diamond in an ornate setting.  With such a wide range, it's best to know where you stand as far as budget is concerned.  This will help you fine tune your choice of center stone and how fancy of a setting you want.

Time Frame

Giving yourself adequate time to work through the process of buying an engagement ring is so important!  Not everyone wants a simple round diamond and a basic solitaire setting.  Likewise, now that Pinterest is around, many people have a vision that is not always easy to find.  Plus, not every design you see on Pinterest may be a structurally sound.  Giving yourself a few months to get this purchase right will not only help you confidently work through all the decisions that lay ahead, but give you peace of mind after the purchase is complete.

Learn the Lingo

Surprisingly terms like, "diamond chips", "plain", and "silver colored" are not going to help you adequately shop for an engagement ring; but, learning the proper terminology will.  Here is a quick vocabulary blog that will teach you the essentials. 


Ask Them

(without actually asking) 

Here's the tricky part, how to ask, or rather gather this important information without tipping your hand.  This will require you to use your super sleuth skills and achieve amazing feats of espionage.  You will need to learn the following: 

Ring size

Pay attention to what rings she wears on her ring finger (that's the finger next to the pinkie on the left hand).  Try to sneak it out of the house and have it measured for ring size.   Warning, do not loose the ring as you will need to put it back to escape discovery and the guilt of loosing her favorite ring (so far).

Metal Allergies

Some people are more sensitive to nickel, a metal commonly used in making 14KT white gold.  If this is the case you will want to explore metals that do not use nickel, such as Jabel's 18KT white gold.  Yellow gold and rose gold may also be an ideal metal.

Style Preference

Unless your soon-to-be fiance has made their ring preferences very clear, then it's time to get sneaky!  Start with their Pinterest boards, and look for patterns in the engagement rings they have pinned.  Here are some trends to look for:

  • Solitaire or Three Stone Engagement Ring Settings
  • Simple or Ornate Vintage Engagement Rings
  • All Diamond or Gemstone
  • Yellow, White, or Rose Gold
  • Rings made with one Metal or Mixed Metals
  • Center Stone Diamond Shape (round, oval, princess, cushion, pear, marquis, etc.)

Stone Vs. Style

It is important to realize that buying an engagement ring is really two separate purchases; the stone and the setting.  Deciding which purchase holds more weight will help you wisely prioritize your budget.  Ask yourself, what is more important; diamond quality, diamond size, or the fanciness of the setting.  Knowing what is most important will help you spend your budget on the most important aspects of this purchase and guide you to the perfect ring!


Ask Us

Your jeweler (maybe us) is a wealth of knowledge, form helping you explore your options to ensuring that you buy a ring that is of the utmost structural quality.  Here are some questions to get you started:

How can we customize an engagement ring?

If we have a ring that looks similar to the ring you have in mind, email us and we would be happy to look into customizing your ring.  Sometimes it is a easy as adding a touch of hand engraving or adding a few little diamonds to the flowers on a vintage style mounting.  We can also use different metals, colored stones, or any number of other changes. 

Likewise, while some of the rings pinned on Pinterest may look beautiful, sometimes they are not structurally sound.  We want you to get the best ring, a ring that will fill your fiance with endless joy and last for years to come. 

Can we provide an appraisal for insurance?

Yes!  And, you should insure your ring the day you get it!  Let us know that an appraisal will be needed and we will be sure to send one with the completed ring.

Are we a globally conscience company?

We use recycled gold, Kimberly process and earth grown diamonds, natural gemstones (with the exception of our Created Alexandrite), and are made in the USA.  Likewise, the Jabel collection is created using a lost art of jewelry making called Die Striking.  During the die striking process the jewelry is created with superb strength; meaning it will last far longer than traditional cast jewelry.  The longer it lasts, the less waste and need to recycle the metal.   

Is there anything else I should know about buying an engagement ring?

Yes, in addition to providing us with the date of your proposal, if you plan to travel to it, please provide us with your departure date.  This way we can get you the ring well before you leave.  

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