What is a Ring Guard

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What is a Ring Guard?

A ring guard is simply a pair of rings that frame another ring.  They are worn on the top and bottom of an engagement ring or wedding band.  Surprisingly, while many brides select ring guards as their wedding bands for their balanced and stylish look, a set of ring guards will also provide protection to the ring it is framing. 

What is a ring guard

How do Ring Guards protect rings?

Ring guards are essentially two matching wedding bands that act as a barrier from objects bumping into the center ring.  If it helps, then of a ring guard set as two body guards, they keep the center ring safe from harm. 

What types of ring can be a ring guard?

Any set of matching wedding bands can be ring guards, however, some rings are better suited for the job than others.  The most popular and visually pleasing ring guards are angled rings.  they have top of the band looks like a beveled edge that slopes upward toward the center ring.  Also, ring guards can be made with and without diamond, high polish or with a decorative beaded edge, narrow or wide, etc.  Here are some of our most popular ring guards:

Vintage Style Ring Guard

Diamond Ring Guard

Millgrain Ring Guard

How Does Your Wedding Band Fit In With Your Lifestyle?

gold ring guard

antique style ring guard

plain ring guard


If I don't want an angled ring guard, what else can I use?

If you are not a fan of the beveled edge look, you may want to consider purchasing two straight bands of equal height to your engagement ring.  Anything from a straight diamond eternity band to a high polish simple gold band will make a good ring guard. We do recommend buying die struck wedding bands for ring guards because they are significantly stronger than traditional wedding bands and will provide greater protection. Here is a collection of straight wedding bands that can also be used as ring guards:

rose gold ring guard


sapphire ring guard


stackable wedding bands ring guard


modern ring guard


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