Inspirational Wedding Themes: Feathers and Gold Themed Weddings

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jul 5, 2017 10:41:53 AM
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Unique Wedding Ideas:
Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas
The inspiration behind this board began when I laid eyes on Kelly Faetanini's mythical golden feather gown.  Wow!  From there, it was a simple visit to Etsy and some of my favorite wedding vendors, Historic Cedarwoods Weddings and Maggie Austin Cake, to find all the remaining inspiration I needed.  Enjoy!
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Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas: Kelly Faetanini

Nothing says bridal like a ball gown in gleaming gold and ethereal white!  Therefore, you can image my excitement when I first saw this jaw-dropping gown by New York designer, Kelly Faetanini.  You can always count on Kelly to bring her innovative designs to life with beauty and grace.  

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Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas: Maggie Austin

Sometimes the best way to carry a theme throughout your wedding is deconstructing the elements.  Simply, pick and choose different elements in your wedding to 'host' different aspects of your vision.  Therefore, instead of having gold feathers EVERYWHERE, dedicate a few elements to the gold theme, and a few to the feathers.  This will keep your wedding looking modern, stylish, and chic.

This cake, by famed cake designer Maggie Austin, is pure genius!  It is an ideal cake for a feather themed wedding.  It is both light and ethereal, while being chic and avant garde. Simply, it's the perfect compliment to a room filled with gold and feathers.  

 Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas:  Gold Tipped White Quill

Carrying the theme of your wedding down to the smallest details is key to a well executed event. Therefore, leave the ugly sharpie at home and place a few delicate gold tipped feather quills beside your guest book.   I found these on Etsy.



Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas: Historic Cedarwoods Wedding

If there is one group of people you can count on for creativity and beauty, its the magnificent team of planners at Historic Cedarwoods Wedding in Nashville, Tennessee. Just look at these lovely gold nest place card holders, they are perfection!  Not only do they support the theme, but they add an out-of-the-box touch that no one has ever seen (well, until this wedding).  On a side note, we need to stop and take note of the talented photographer who captured this beautiful place setting, Ace Photography.  Bravo!

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Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas: Woven Band

Keeping in step with our elegant gold and feather wedding theme, this elegant woven gold band from Jabel is reminiscent of a birds nest.  The delicate pattern will always remind you or your beautiful wedding and the warm memories created with your loved ones.

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Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas: Feather Confetti

Looking for an affordable accent to compliment your feather and gold themed wedding? This elegant white feather confetti is embellished with gold romantic wording.  It's simple, elegant, and a perfect tie to your theme.



Feathers and Gold Wedding Ideas: Gold Feather Wedding Invitations

The invitation sets the entire tone for the wedding.  Therefore, finding an elegant wedding invitation that suggests a feather and gold theme is key.  I love these invitations from .  They are simple and elegant, yet unique and indulgent.


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