Wedding Bands: His and Her Matching Wedding Rings You Will L.O.V.E. [UPDATED]

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Without question, his and hers matching wedding band sets are romantic.  From their long standing tradition of symbolizing love, commitment, and dedication; to their beautiful unified look, it is no wonder countless couples are choosing matching wedding bands.  Lucky for today's couples, their are a wide range of options to choose from; including traditional styles that are near identical to more modern interpretations that have unique characteristics of their own while still matching.  Yes, there are endless matching wedding band sets to choose from!

How To Select Matching Wedding Bands

When it comes time to select your matching wedding bands, there are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Do You Want Identical Wedding Bands
  • Do You Need To Match The Wedding Band To An Engagement Ring
  • Do You Want Some Differences In Your Bands

The best way to figure all of this out is to make a list and write down the characteristics you do and do not want in a wedding band.  Start with three columns: Musts, Wants, and Dislikes.  Once each of you has filled in your columns, you can find commonalities that will help you know what types of matching wedding bands to shop for.  It sounds silly, but it can clear away a lot of the confusions, saving you valuable time during the wedding planning process. To help you get started we created a worksheet with these columns, it's free to download.


Examples of His and Her Wedding Band Sets

Finding the perfect set of matching wedding rings can be a fun process!  After all, how often do you get to go on a jewelry shopping spree like this?!  Here are examples of both exact matching wedding bands and similar wedding bands to give you a matched look without being identical.  Regardless of how you wear your matched set, as long as you love your look, then they will be the perfect wedding rings for both of you! 


Exact Matching Wedding Band Sets

These matching wedding bands are near mirror images of one another; the Gents version is slightly wider.  It is also important to note that some of the ladies rings may have curved wedding band alternatives, maintaining the look of matching wedding bands, while accommodating the curvature need to wrap around an engagement ring setting.

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Left Right 

Matching Wedding Bands (2).jpg


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Guide: Ultimate Guide To Wedding Rings


Similar Matching Wedding Band Sets

If you and your partner want the look of matching wedding bands but need to have some individuality, try finding one or two common characteristics both rings can share and let that be your 'matching' characteristic(s).

Matching Wedding Bands (3).jpg
matching wedding bands 2.jpg


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Wedding Band Sets His and Her Matching Wedding Band Sets to L.O.V.E

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