Two Wedding Bands: Ring Guard Styles You Will Love

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jan 18, 2018 11:48:30 AM
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Do you love the look of two wedding bands?  If so, you are not alone.  Countless brides are choosing the look of double wedding bands for their big day. And, the easiest way to accomplish this is with a ring guard set.  


Functional Benefits of Ring Guard Set

Functionally, a set of ring guards will help add protection to your engagement ring.  This is because the rings, when paired above and below the center ring will protect it from getting bumped and banged.  Thus, eliminating a certain amount of wear and tear.  


Aesthetic Benefits of Ring Guard Set

In addition to protection, a ring guard set is visually appealing because it frames the engagement ring; adding balance and symmetry.  Double wedding bands also gives a wedding set a more indulgent, almost an over-the-top look that many brides prefer.


How Do I Shop For Ring Guard Set

Virtually any 2 wedding bands worn on the top and bottom of an engagement ring can be called 'ring guards.'  However, there are traditional ring guard sets that are essentially mirror wedding bands that are worn over the top and bottom of the engagement ring giving the set a perfectly balanced look.  The most common ring guard sets are also angled toward the engagement ring, adding to the framed look.


Examples of Ring Guard Sets

The following are classic examples of ring guard sets and include diamond bands, simple gold bands, and millgrain wedding bands:

Vintage Style Millgrain Ring Guard Sets

SW2333 Pink_1000 - Crop.jpg





sw1744 - Crop.jpg


Plain Gold Ring Guard Sets





Diamond Ring Guard Sets

DCAW1014_1000_set - Crop.jpg


Alternative Rings To Use As Ring Guard Set

Since ring guards are just mirror sets of wedding bands, virtually any wedding band, when worn as a pair, can be used as a ring guard set; even if it does not have the angled profile.  Here are some examples of popular wedding bands that could be worn as ring guards.  Please note, that while these rings are shown as a pair they do retail individually.


ring guard sa dia.jpg



ring guard flower.jpg



ring guard simple diamnd.jpg



ring guard sq diamond.jpg



ring guard vintage.jpg


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