Tips For Traveling With Jewelry

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Apr 27, 2016 2:40:50 PM
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Tips for traveling with jewelry

It's almost that time of year!  The time for road trips, vacations, weekend getaways, and traveling.  Stop!  Before you run out the door, take a few minutes to pack smart and rethink your travel habits!  Such as... 

  • Wearing Sunscreen (and rings)
  • Packing Jewelry (and checked luggage)
  • Tangled Jewelry (scratched, broken, etc.)
  • CHLORINE (and gold jewelry)

These are just a few of the common mistakes and oversights that can ruin a vacation and we see people make them all the time.  We want you to travel safe so you bring home smiles and memories not tears and insurance claims.


Jewelry Travel Tip #1: Jewelry And The Pool

Always remove your gold jewelry before swimming in a chlorinated pool because chlorine and gold jewelry DO NOT mix!  While the gold is not affected by the chlorine, the alloys mixed with the gold are and they will begin to breakdown.  And, if you plan on going in a hot tub, take your jewelry off for that too!  The heat will accelerate the reaction.   

Bonus Tip: If you are traveling on your honeymoon and are worried about leaving your beautiful new engagement ring setting in a hotel room safe, consider wearing a fake (it's far more common than you might think).  Just be sure you have a safe place to keep your real ring while you are away.


 Jewelry Travel Tip #2: Sunscreen, Beaches, and Rings

Sunscreen is a must these days.  However, it can act as a lubricant under your rings, increasing their chance of slipping off.  What's more, your swollen summer fingers will shrink when they hit cold water making it easy for, a once stuck ring, to slip right off your finger!  Plus, the sunscreen can gunk up your jewelry and act as a glue for sand and debris to get stuck in prongs, engravings, etc.  Yuck!  Best bet, don't wear your rings to the beach.  


Jewelry Travel Tip #3: Airport Safety Basics

Everyone typically knows not to pack jewelry in checked luggage (if you didn't know that, now you do). However, many people are unaware of the risk they take when wearing jewelry through the security check. WAIT TILL YOU HAVE CLEARED SECURITY to put on your jewelry.  It's not uncommon for your belongings to clear the metal detector before you do.  When this happens there can be any number of strangers huddled around the conveyor trying to gather belongings. Your jewelry is asking to be stolen.  Instead, pack them safely and SECURELY in a carry on bag, and put them on after you have cleared the security check.   


Jewelry Travel Tip #4: Pack Simple and Smart

When it comes to traveling, you will have a much better time if your not worrying about your belongings.  Pack smart by laying out your outfits and finding some universal pieces of jewelry that go with everything.  For example, a pair of diamond cluster earrings are universally beautiful.  They look just as great during a casual outings as they do at a formal event.  Packing smart will eliminate leaving excessive jewelry in the hotel room where it could be stolen.  


Jewelry Travel Tip #5: Jewelry Packing Hacks

If you love your jewelry then give it the care it deserves.  Don't pack all your jewelry in one bag against one another or clumped up together.  For example, make sure that jewelry chains are separated so they do not tangle and earrings are secured so they do not rub against one another.  Pinterest is full of great ideas; here are some of my favorites.


Jewelry Travel Tip #6: Get It Insured

It doesn't matter if you are traveling around the world or around the corner, get your jewelry insured.  It may not replace the sentimental loss, but it will soften the blow of a lost piece of jewelry.  Then, before you leave take a picture of all the jewelry you are bringing on your phone so if it is lost while you are away you can show the authorities exactly what has been lost or stolen.

Happy Travels!!!


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