August 31, 2017

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How Long Does It Take To Buy An Engagement Ring?

How long does it take to buy an engagement ring.jpg

Did you know that it typically takes 3 months to buy an engagement ring?  Does that sound like a long time?  Believe it or not, some grooms can spend up to a year preparing to buy a ring.  If you are asking "why?"  The answer is simple, when it comes to an engagement ring, being an educated shopper is far more involved than you think.  Not only do you need to learn the 4cs of diamonds, but you need to know how to balance these characteristics within your budget.  Plus, you need to find a mounting that highlights the beauty of your stone.  I have prepared the following engagement ring shopping FAQ to help get you started:

August 21, 2017

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Wow Factor Antique Style Engagement Rings (PLUS Affordable Engagement Rings in Gemstone)

affordable antique style engagement rings

Long gone are the days of cookie cutter engagement rings (though, I must confess I still love a simple solitaire).  Today, virtually any ring can be used as an engagement ring making fans of antique ring settings very happy!  Here is a lovely collection of antique style engagement rings that will leave you inspired, excited, and ready to say 'Yes"!!!  Plus, several of these styles are under $2,000 and are set with luxurious gemstones.

August 10, 2017

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What Is The Most Important C In Diamond Buying

 What is the most important of the diamond 4cs.jpg

You may find this hard to believe, but all the 4C's of diamonds are equally important.  No one 'C' is more important than another.  Therefore, you will need to prioritize your needs by balancing color, clarity, and cut in your ideal carat size.  If you focus on just the Carat and ignor the other C's you will end up with a big ugly diamond.

August 03, 2017

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Engagement Ring Shopping Myths DEBUNKED (4C's of Diamonds Included)

diamond buying myths.jpgI once helped a groom who insisted on buying a "flawless diamond with a certificate."  In his mind, only flawless was beautiful.  He also thought a certificate was for the sole purpose of guarding against 'blood diamonds.'  He could not have been further from the truth.

What Are The Most Important Diamond Qualities?

 Whats Better_4CS Top Image-1.jpg

When it comes to finding the perfect stone, all the 4Cs of diamonds are important; and therein lies the challenge.  I have a feeling that you, like countless other fiances-to-be, are overwhelmed with the complexities of such a little stone.

"How can that tiny rock have so much going on!?!"  

It truly is a daunting task to find a stone that will take her breath away at a price you can afford.  Therefore, before you begin researching the 4cs of diamonds or doing any form of shopping, I believe it is important to have a basic understanding of the importance of the 4Cs and why you need to include all of them in your search:

Top 5 Diamond Buying Mistakes

Top 5 Diamond Buying Mistakes.jpg

When it comes to buying her a diamond, do you find yourself in unfamiliar territory?  If so, you are not alone.  Hopefully, these quick tips will save you the time, money, and frustration that many others have gone through by helping you...

  • Acknowledge your lack of knowledge
  • Put aside your assumptions
  • Make sure you budget enough time
Following the following 5 common diamond buying mistakes and learning how to avoid them will not only take the stress off you, but ensure that you buy a diamond she loves that you can afford:  

What is the best diamond to buy?

antique ring settings

"What is the best diamond to buy?"

That is a loaded question.  Knowing which diamond to buy comes down to her vision and your budget.  Think of it as if you were buying a car, you have to choose the make, model, color, and options...AND, you may have to sacrifice some to get others.  

September Birthstone Jewelry You Will Love

September Birthstone Jewelry

Long gone are the days of modest birthstone jewelry, such as stud earrings and little round gemstone pendants. Today, birthstone jewelry (including September birthstone jewelry) encompasses all gem jewelry.  Any gem necklaces, rings, or earrings can be selected giving new life to a once stale category.  If you see a gem jewelry designs that you love, simply customize it with your birthstone. Here are some fun designs to get you going!

Jewelry that says 'Love'

symbolic gem jewelry love

Jewelry is given for a number of reasons, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and milestones.  The common denominator in all these gifts is love.  You give because you love.  Here are 5 gifts that define love, both literally and figuratively.