November 06, 2017

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4 Affordable Engagement Rings

Affordable Engagement Ring Ideas.jpg

Budget!  This dreaded word is often the biggest stressers for couples getting engaged. The challenge of finding a beautiful ring that will not break the bank before you say 'I do" is a legitimate concern.  Luckily, we have some great ideas to help you find an affordable engagement ring that is an honor to wear...and affordable to own!

November 02, 2017

The Bells

Woodsy Wedding Ideas for 2018




Woodsy Wedding Ideas

2018 is the year of the woodsy wedding.  This is an organic twist on the popular rustic wedding theme that has dominated the decade.  So, if your planning a 2018 wedding, look past the rustic barn and burlap wrapped mason jars, and embrace the beauty of nature with these woodsy wedding ideas!  

November 02, 2017

The Bells

Symbolism of Matching Wedding Bands

 matching wedding bands history.jpg

Wedding bands are more than pieces of jewelry, they are symbols of a couple's commitment to one another.  The tradition of wedding bands dates back to the ancient Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks.  Rings have traditionally been worn as a matched set to symbolize the unity of their marriage.  

October 30, 2017

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A Flower Wedding Ring Inspired By Real Flowers

real flower wedding ring inspiraiton.jpg

A flower wedding ring is the only bouquet from your wedding day that will last a lifetime.  These blossoms will never wilt or fade away.  From rose buds to dogwood blossoms, from soft blush rose gold tones to rich yellow gold, flower wedding rings have something for everyone!  Here are my top tips to buying a romantic flower wedding ring for your special day!

October 26, 2017

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How Do I Buy Estate Engagement Rings (without compromising)

how to buy estate engagement rings.jpg
Do you love the romantic designs of estate engagement rings?

Do you love the mystery and intrigue of past love affairs?

Do you envision an engagement ring unlike any other?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then chances are you have already started pinning estate rings on Pinterest, googling estate dealers in your area, and you may have already visited a local estate jeweler.  Have you found rings you like?  That's not good enough.  You need to find a ring that you will love, not like.  Plus, you need to know that the ring you select will last a lifetime. 

October 25, 2017

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Sapphire Blue and Gold Wedding Ideas

sappire blue and gold wedding.jpg

 Sapphire Blue and Gold Wedding Inspiration

"Rich and luxurious," is the perfect description for a gold and sapphire wedding theme!  When it comes to planning your luxury wedding, look for rich gemstone hues, like sapphire, ruby, or emerald to compliment gold gleaming gold accents.  Here are some of my favorite examples, as well as the brilliant wedding vendors behind them. 

October 09, 2017

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Vintage Engagement Ring Settings (But Better)

Vintage Engagement Rings Settings_But Better.jpg It's easy to see why so many brides-to-be have fallen in love with vintage engagement ring settings.  Not only are they gorgeous, but it's romantic to own a piece of history.  However, from a jewelers stand point, it breaks my heart to see some of the challenges brides of antique jewelry face; cracked bands, chipped stones, worn prongs...these problems are relatively invisible to an untrained eye, but become heart breaking problems when their ring either breaks or a stone is lost.  

October 02, 2017

The Bells

Must See Antique Ring Settings That Are Actually New Rings

New Antique Ring Settings.jpg
I love the details, romance, and intrigue of antique ring settings.  However, I do not like the worn prongs, cracked shanks, missing stones, and all the other concerns that go along with antique jewelry. This is why I am a big fan of antique style engagement rings;  you get all the beauty without the concerns.  Here are some of my favorite categories of vintage style engagement rings as well as a few examples of each!
September 28, 2017

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September 28, 2017

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Matching Wedding Rings: Unique to Traditional (an easy guide to find your perfect look)

 Vintage Style Matching Wedding Rings

This is the perfect article if you are 1) engaged and planning your wedding or 2) shopping for engagement rings and deciding if you need matching wedding rings.  When it comes to finding a match there are lots of options to choose from; here are my top 5 suggestions for matching wedding rings with your engagement ring!