Top 5 Round Halo Engagement Rings

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One look and it's no wonder why round halo engagement rings are so popular!  These retro Art Deco designs are absolutely stunning.  Plus, they are also budget friendly.  The hallmark of this design is a center stone surrounded by a halo of small diamonds and it is because of this halo that an illusion of a larger ring is created.  Therefore, you can get away with the look of a big ring while doing so with the price point of a smaller and more affordable diamond.  

How Much Do Engagement Rings Cost?

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Are you trying to decide "how much should I spend on an engagement ring" or "how much do engagement rings cost"? These are tricky question.  First, engagement rings can cost any where from a nothing if you have a free family heirloom engagement ring to a multimillion dollar ring.  Therefore, identifying what you can afford and what ring your fiancé wants are important first steps in shopping for the perfect ring.

In this blog I will help you learn to shop for the perfect engagement by discussing:

  • How Do I Make An Engagement Ring Budget
  • How Much Do Engagement Rings Cost
  • How Do I Choose An Engagement Ring
  • What Are The Pros and Cons of Engagement Ring Styles
  • How Do I Buy A Diamond with Confidence


Engagement Rings 101: 5 Tips To Save Your Budget

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Finding the perfect ring can be overwhelming especially if your are shopping for engagement rings on a budget.  From selecting a metal to making sense of the 4C's of Diamonds, there are so many places you can loose sight of your budget.  In this blog we will go over our top 5 tips for keeping you on budget so you can find the perfect ring.  


How To Buy Engagement Rings: A Step-By-Step Guide to Engagement rings

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There is more to buying an engagement ring than simply shopping for a pretty ring that fits in your budget.  Of course, you will want it to be pretty and in your budget, but there is so much more to it.  Only by educating yourself can you know that you are getting the best ring possible.  It's easy to become an educated shopper by learning some simple jewelry terminology and having a basic understanding of the 4C's of diamonds

However, buying an engagement ring is about more than just the business of buying a ring.  This is an opportunity to show how well you know fiancé.  You will need to become a super sleuth in your relationship, gathering vital clues and data that will help you find the perfect ring.  

This guide is designed to take you step-by-step through the process of buying an engagement ring and give you the confidence you need; from selecting the perfect stone to preparing for the proposal.  After all,  the ring you buy is not only a large financial investment but and emotional investment as well.  This is the ring that will be admired for generations to come.  This is the ring that will be desired above any other piece of jewelry, antique, or keepsake.  Do your homework, learn the language, and find the perfect ring.  


April 25, 2018

The Bells

Are Gold Wedding Rings All The Same? And More Q&A

gold wedding rings

Are gold wedding rings all the same?

Good question!  The answer is no, gold wedding rings can vary greatly even within their own Karat.  I am sure you have many more questions, some of which other brides and grooms, just like you, are asking too.  Here are some common questions regarding gold wedding rings and some helpful information to guide you to the perfect metal:


April 05, 2018

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I Love Rose Gold Wedding Rings, Here's Why...

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We are in a rose gold renaissance; from fashion to jewelry this romantic blush hue is everywhere!  And, yes, that includes wedding rings!  Previously, wedding ring trends were dominated by white gold and before that yellow gold.  Granted, I still love white and yellow gold, but rose gold has been a breath of fresh air!  After all, not only is rose gold romantic and beautiful, but it pairs perfect with yellow and white gold; giving you a gorgeous mixed metal look.   

March 29, 2018

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Ultimate Guide To Wedding Rings 

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Welcome to my ultimate guide to wedding rings.  Here I will break down everything you need to know to not only find a ring you love, but one that will honor your budget and fit with your lifestyle.  It is my hope that this information will take the mystery and stress of out the entire process of shopping for a wedding band and guide to the perfect wedding ring or rings (yes, maybe more than one wedding ring...but we'll get to that trend later).  I have broken the guide into the following four parts.  This will make it easy for you to refer back to the information you need as you move through the process:

I. How To Buy A Wedding Ring
II. Selecting The Best Wedding Ring
III. Important Wedding Ring Vocabulary
IV. Gender Neutral and Men's Wedding Ring Designs

How To Buy A Wedding Ring
"How do I buy a wedding ring?"
March 15, 2018

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Bring 2018 Wedding Colors Into Your Bridal Look With Jewelry and Wedding Rings

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Jewelry is a great way to pull your wedding colors into your bridal fashion.  This can include key pieces of wedding jewelry, like your wedding band, to accessory pieces, like your necklace, earrings, or bracelet.  

March 07, 2018

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Tips For Matching Wedding Bands With My Engagement Ring

 matching and non matching wedding bands

The first thing you need to remember when you're trying to match a wedding band with your engagement ring is that there are NO RULES!  Therefore, it doesn't matter if it's an exact matching wedding band or you want to explore matching wedding bands that have some differences from your engagement ring.  What matters is that you love the wedding band you choose.  Here are two examples of the same diamond band with it's matching engagement ring, as well as a non-matching engagement ring:

matching wedding bands
Matched Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Set


February 07, 2018

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Wedding Trends 2018: Dogwood Wedding Ideas

wedding trends 2018 dogwood wedding ideas

Wedding Trends 2018: Dogwood Wedding Ideas

One of my favorite flowers is poised to be the 'it' flower for 2018 weddings and the evidence is everywhere; dogwood bouquets, dogwood wedding gowns, dogwood wedding cakes, dogwood wedding bands...the list just goes on!  Here are some of my favorite examples and if you follow the links you can learn more about the designers behind them.  Enjoy!