Top 5 Symbolic Mother's Day Gifts

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Apr 3, 2019 12:40:44 PM
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Moms gets lot of plants on Mother's Day.  This year, why not blow her mind with a gift that will not only add a little sparkle to her eyes, but act a symbol for everything she has done, is doing, and will do.  Here are my top symbolic pieces of Mother's Day jewelry:

 The Infinity Symbol


The Infinity shape is a powerful symbol, representing the infinite impact a mother has on her children, grandchildren, and everyone around them.  It speaks of a mother's never-ending love and all the people her love will touch.




The Moon Symbol


One of the most beloved term of endearment from a mother to her child is "I love you to the moon and back."  This diamond moon is the perfect symbol to represent that sentiment.  


The Heart Symbol

3056W-400-cropA heart symbol needs little explanation.  It is the most identifiable symbol of love, caring, and compassion.  Therefore, if you want a classic necklace that speaks volumes, a heart is the perfect gift.


The Compass Symbol


A compass is a profound symbol with many meanings, especially when it comes to mom.  A mother will always be her child's guide through life, helping to guide them in the right direction even when they are knocked off course.  It doesn't matter how lost you feel, the love of a mother will always point you in the right direction.


The Horseshoe Symbol


A horseshoe traditionally represents good luck.  And, what is more lucky than having her as your mom.  This symbol is a great way to remind her of how much you appreciate her.

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