Top 5 Round Halo Engagement Rings

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One look and it's no wonder why round halo engagement rings are so popular!  These retro Art Deco designs are absolutely stunning.  Plus, they are also budget friendly.  The hallmark of this design is a center stone surrounded by a halo of small diamonds and it is because of this halo that an illusion of a larger ring is created.  Therefore, you can get away with the look of a big ring while doing so with the price point of a smaller and more affordable diamond.  



Simple Halo Engagement Rings

While most people assume all round halo engagement ring sit atop a diamond encrusted band, there are other styles to choose from.  In this example, a classic halo setting sits atop a clean band.  However, the gallery hides a beautiful scrolling design.



Illusion Cushion Engagement Ring

This gorgeous setting creates an optical illusion, where a round stone is set into a faux cushion setting.  Therefore you can buy a round stone, which is more affordable than a fancy cut cushion, while still achieving the look of a cushion cut engagement ring.



Double Halo Engagement Rings

This round cut double halo engagement ring is a show stopper!  Plus, because of the double halo, you can shop for a much smaller center stone. 



Three Stone Halo Style Engagement Ring

This round halo style engagement ring takes luxury to a new level!  It is a hybrid between a traditional halo setting and a three stone ring setting.  Plus, it has a matching wedding band.


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Bold Halo Engagement Ring

This bold round halo engagement ring setting is a true classic.  It has a delicate diamond halo on a common prong diamond band.  This is the perfect classic setting for your special bride-to-be.


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