What's The Difference Between a Ring Guards and Stackable Wedding Bands

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Dec 27, 2018 10:14:49 AM
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Wearing multiple wedding bands is far from a new wedding trend, ring guards have been around for generations.  However, stackable wedding bands have taken the bridal world by storm.  So, what is the difference?  The short answer is ring guards, often referred to as the two wedding band trend, are worn in a pair, one over top of the engagement ring and the other below. However, stackable bands are multiple wedding bands that are worn on only one side of the engagement ring.

This is a very simplified answer and does not explore the additional benefits of wearing a ring guard over a set of stackable bands.  If you are shopping for wedding bands and are exploring one of these multiple band looks, it will be important to understand the difference before making  your final selection.


What are ring guards?

Simply, ring guards are a set of matched bands that are worn above and below the engagement ring.  Traditional ring guards are often angled bands that taper away from the engagement ring, as pictured below where they are framing an alternative diamond band engagement ring.

ringgaurds - Crop-2

In addition to adding symmetry and balance to the wedding set, ring guards also help protect the wedding band from getting bumped and banged.  They fit flush against the engagement ring and protect it.  Here are some examples of angled ring guards:








Do I have to buy a set of ring guards?

No, you have options!  Since ring guards are essentially a pair of two matching wedding bands, you do not have to buy an angled set.  Any pair of matching wedding bands will function the same as a set a ring guards.   Here are some classic wedding bands that would make excellent ring guards:














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