Quick Review of Engagement Ring Styles

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Quick Review of Engagement Ring Desigsn

Is engagement ring shopping overwhelming you?  You are not alone.  For many shoppers, this is their first experience with fine jewelry, and there is a lot to learn.  In this simple article we will explain the top 5 engagement ring styles that couples are shopping for today.  Plus, beneath each example photo we included a technical descriptions to help begin to learn the lingo!


Engagement Ring Styles #1: Solitaire Engagement Rings

This is the MOST iconic style of engagement ring.  This design allows you to focus the majority of your budget on the stone; allowing you to invest more in color, cut, clarity, carat, or maybe a fancy cut.  However, since you will be investing in a more expensive stone, you want to be sure you have the strongest and highest quality setting to protect it.  We only use Jabel solitaires because of their heirloom quality which is achieved through their unique die striking technique.  You can learn more about the inherent strength of die striking here.  Here are some Jabel die struck solitaires:

Classic Solitaire with Pinched Shoulders

Four Prong Head and gently domed shank


kinfe edge solitaire with pinched shoulders

Technical Description: Classic Solitaire with Knife Edge Shank and a Gooseneck

Shoulders, Set with a 6 Prong Head.


Trellis Solitaire

Technical Description: Classic Solitaire with 4 Prong Trellis Setting and a Tapered Shank


Engagement Ring Styles #2: Vintage Engagement Rings

Vintage engagement rings are some of the most ornate and extravagant looking designs.  These rings usher in a feeling of indulgence and romance and can fit a wide range of diamond sizes and shapes.  There is a wealth of designs to choose from, including hand engraved designs, ornate floral motifs, and diamond encrusted rings.  Here are some of our favorite designs:

hand engraved vintage enagement ring

Technical Description: Cathedral Diamond Mounting with Bead Set Diamond Shoulders,

3/4 Engraved with a Wheat Pattern and Millgrain Design, Set with a 6 Prong Head.


hand engraved vintage engagement ring with diamondsTechnical Description: Low Set Diamond Mounting with Bead Set Diamond Shoulders,

3/4 Engraved with Wheat and Millgrain Design, an Open Gallery with Engraved

Surprise Diamond Head and 4 Vintage Style Double Prong Head.


flower engagement rings

Technical Description: Vintage Style Floral Engagement Ring with Three Stone Teardrop  Diamond Cluster

Shoulders, Hand Engraved Dogwood Blossoms, and a Four Prong Head.


vintage style flower engagement ring

Technical Description: Vintage Style Floral Solitaire with Three Dimensional Floral Relief Details and and a

Vintage Style Illusion Setting with Millgrain Detail.

hand engraved solitaire

Technical Description: Tapered Vintage Style Solitaire with Millgrain and

Wheat Design, Set with a 4 Prong Head.


Engagement Ring Styles #3: Three Stone Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a decadent ring, this popular design from the early 2000's remains a favorite among engagement ring shoppers today.  Lately, it has seen a surge in popularity because it was the design Prince Harry chose for his engagement.  What's great about a three stone ring is that most all of the designs allow you to mix and match stone shapes and sizes, one for the center and another for the side stones...or all the same if you prefer.  There are lots of ways you can customize this ring.  For example, you can use colored stones in the design for a very unique look.  Here are some beautiful three stone engagement rings: 


sapphire and diamond vintage engagement ringTechnical Description: Three Stone Vintage Style Engagement Ring with Bead Set Diamond

Shoulders, Hand Engraved with A Wheat and Millgrain Design, and Four Prong Settings

Including Round Sapphire Side Stones and A Round Brilliant Diamond Center.


classic three stone engagement ring

Technical Description: Classic Three Stone Engagement Ring with a High Polish

Rounded Shank, and Round Four Prong Settings.



Three Stone Ring with Larger Middle Diamond

Technical Description: Classic Three Stone Setting with Gooseneck

Shoulders and Round Four Prong Setting


Engagement Ring Styles #4: Halo Engagement Rings

This design has been one of the most dominant designs over past decade.  The biggest advantage to buying a halo ring is you can buy a smaller and more price friendly center stone because the halo of tiny diamonds around it gives the ring an illusion of a much larger stone.  Here are a variety of luxurious looking halo engagement rings:

halo diamond ring with double diamond halo

Technical Description: Double Halo Engagement Ring with Diamonds Reaching Halfway Down the Shank,

All Common Prong Diamonds, for Round Prong Center Stone.



little diamond halo with illusion cushion halo setting

Technical Description: Round Halo Diamond Setting with Illusion of a Cushion Center Stone Surrounded by Bead Set Diamonds and a Four Prong Setting, and a Shank with Bead Set Diamonds.


halo engagement ring diamond lots of diamonds

Technical Description: Round Four Prong Halo Engagement Ring with a Common Prong Diamond

Halo and Diamond Shank, Flanked By Four Prong Diamond Shoulders, and a Square Halo

Setting to give the Illusion of a Cushion Cut Diamond.



Engagement Ring Styles #5: Nontraditional Engagement Rings

This is fashion forward category of engagement rings is on the rise.  While it is still not as popular as the traditional diamond engagement rings mentioned above, it is an excellent choice for both nontraditional brides or couples shopping on a tight budget.  Here are some beautiful ring designs to choose from:


nontraditional engagement ring gemstone solitaire

Technical Description:  High Polish Round Full Bezel Solitaire Set with an

Aquamarine on a Tapered Shank




Emerald Engagement Rings

Technical Description: Bezel Emerald Cut Ring set with an Emerald, Embellished with a

Vintage Motif Containing Round Accent Diamonds.  



Sapphire Engagement Rings and Princes Di Engagement Rings

Technical Description: Four Prong Oval Princess Di Style Sapphire and Diamond

Halo Ring with a Fancy Gallery and Ornamented Shank Sides, Common Prong

Diamond Shank and Halo, Flanked By Beaded Edges.


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