Planning A Wedding in 2018: Who Where and What You Need To Know

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This morning I googled "2018 Wedding Trends" and found endless websites that all said something completely different, contradictory, and down right confusing...

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It's ridiculous and I feel compelled to take some of the blame for all this confusion because I tend to post my predictions for upcoming wedding trends.  So, having made that confession, I will tell you this, my final 2018 wedding trend prediction (though I can't guarantee I will not still make inspiration boards...because I will), the single biggest wedding theme of 2018 is you! And, that is why there are so many confusing messages out there, because everyone is different.

In 2018 you and your partner WILL be the theme for your wedding. Your wedding is an opportunity to tell the story of who you are as a couple by showcasing things you enjoy, love, and that hold special meaning.  From color schemes to entertainment, and fashion trends to wedding bands, let your wedding be filled with details that you both love.

To help you find your bridal inspiration and start planning your 2018 "You" themed wedding, I am featuring some of my favorite weddings vendors for 2018.  I hope you love these creative artists as much as I do and you will follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see more unique and inspiring ideas throughout the year.



Favorite 2018 Wedding Planner: Andrea Eppolito Events  

When it comes to luxury wedding planners, look no further than Las Vegas event planner extraordinaire Andrea Eppolito.  Her creative spirit is brought to life through a network of top-notch wedding vendors that she has cultivated relationships with over the years; her connections including venues, florists, photographers, prop and drape rentals, lighting experts, and more.  If there is one person that can turn your dream into a reality it is Andrea!  What's more, her skills extend far beyond the Las Vegas borders allowing her to travel virtually anywhere in the world to bring your luxury wedding vision to life.

The wedding Andrea planned below is the most beautiful winter wedding I have ever seen.  From her glistening snowy trees to her frosty dream-like lighting, this desert oasis has been transformed into a 'Frozen' wedding wonderland. Can you imagine what Andrea could do for you?

Credits: Venue: Bellagio Las Vegas - Florals: Butterfly Floral - Floors and Drape Rental: Party Palace Rentals - Lighting: Encore - Menus: Alligator Soup 






Favorite 2018 Wedding Venue: Historic Cedarwoods

Without a doubt, my favorite wedding venue for 2018 is Historic Cedarwoods in Nashville, Tennessee.  This all inclusive venue understands chic, vintage, rustic, and woodsy wedding planning.  The planners at Cedarwoods are a creative team that can interpret a couple's vision and make it a reality; from their sweeping vistas to their intimate pond location, and their creative table settings to the little personal touches that fill every nook and cranny of their weddings, they can make any dream a reality.

At Cedarwoods, romance is everywhere and every wedding tells the story of the couple getting marrying.  In the wedding featured below, the bride and groom's love of romance and mix matched decor is articulated through an elegant wedding design that combines mixed color glass, flowers of every texture and size, lighting comprised of chandeliers, twinkling lights, romantic candles, and even a bonfire.  This is a must see wedding if a chic woodsy wedding is in your future!

Credits: Photography:  Teale Photography - Entertainment: Lion Dance -
Cake: Nashville Sweets - Couple: Crystal and Justin 













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Favorite 2018 Wedding Photographer: Julie Paisley Photography

Julie Paisley is my favorite photographer for 2018 (and another gifted Nashville wedding vendor).  Her weddings always captured the personality of her couples in the sweetest and most tender details.  Plus, Nashville isn't the only place Julie photographs weddings, her artistic photographs have documented weddings everywhere; from Nashville to Texas and Ireland to New Zealand.  Couples familiar with Julie's talented work make sure she is there to document their wedding wherever they are in the world.  

Personally, I think it's Julie's unique ability to observe her couple's, that gives her the ability to document the moments and details that truly tell the story of a wedding.  Combined that with her keen eye for composition and lighting and you have an amazing wedding photographer.

Credit: See Individual Image

Venue: Garden Grove (Austin, TX) - Planning and Design: Pink Parasol - Couple: Alex and James
Hair & Makeup: R&Company - Planning and Design: Jessica Sloane Events - Couple: Sonya and Rhett
Venue: Abbeville Estate (New Zealand) - Event Stylist: Oh! Such Style Events - Hair & Makeup: Eve Makeup Artistry - Wedding Dress: Pallas Couture - Grooms Attire: A Dong Silk - Lighting Design: Multi Media Systems Ltd - Couple: Emily and Ben
Venue: Riverwood Mansion - Couple: Jess and Ian
Couple: Stephanie and Max 
Couple: Stephanie and Max


Favorite 2018 Wedding Gown Designer: Carol Hannah Wedding Gowns

With the need for more individuality in 2018 bridal, a wedding gown designer that understands how to balance creativity with a 'bridal' feeling is key; this is where Carol Hannah comes in.  Her designs are a brilliant twist on classic bridal by balancing of out-of-the-box creativity with classic bridal.  From soft monochromatic color schemes to textural embellishments and jaw dropping draping to sensual garment construction, her designs are a must see for any 2018 bride! 

 When it comes down to why I love her designs over some of the big label designers is that her designs are never too traditional while also never being to avant-garde.  There is a beautiful harmony in her gowns that is ideal for 2018 brides.

carol hannah2.jpg

carol hannah1.jpg

Carol hannah 5 (6).jpg

Carol hannah 5 (1).jpg

Carol Hannah 3.jpg

Carol hannah 5 (3).jpg

Carol Hannah 4.jpg

Carol hannah 5 (2).jpg

Favorite 2018 Wedding Cake Designer: 

On Commonwealth Cake Company's website, owner Tiffany states "you deserve an elegant masterpiece for your day," and she delivers just that!  From spectacular detailing to a rich palette of colors; Tiffany's cakes are stunning. 

What's more, not only are Tiffany's cakes elegant, sophisticated, and beautiful, but they are unique with a funky and modern interpretation of what wedding cakes can be; perfect for a 2018 wedding!  Below are a few of the cakes featured on her website gallery that demonstrate her artistry. Enjoy!









Favorite 2018 Jewelry Collection:
Jabel Die Struck Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands
The Jabel collection of vintage style wedding bands and engagement rings is very unique, and therefore my #1 pick for 2018 brides (and brides-to-be).  It is my favorite not only for it's romantic designs, but in it's use of old world jewelry making techniques.  These techniques include die striking, hand engraving, and use of rose gold in flower wedding ring designs.
Jabel's rings are referred to as 'Heirloom Quality" because the majority of the collection is made using a 100+ year old die striking technique.  Unlike cast jewelry which is made using low pressure molds, die striking uses extreme pressure to form precious metal into the desire shapes, making them substantially denser and stronger.  The increased strength and durability allows them to with stand the test of time so they are still around for future generations to admire; hence the designation of 'heirloom quality.'
In addition to die striking, Jabel also uses hand engraving on several of their wedding bands and engagement rings.  To create their magnificent designs highly trained artists use basic tools to carve intricate patterns with only hand-eye coordination; no templates or patterns are used.  Jabel's engraved rings are truly works of art.
One of Jabel's most famous collection is comprised of pink and green gold flower wedding band and engagement ring designs in a rose and leaf pattern.  These rings are crafted by assembling pink gold roses and green gold leafs that have been individually die struck.  A jeweler carefully assembles them by soldering the pieces together at precise angles.  After assembly, the band is restruck, sealing the the solder points with extreme pressure.  Finally, the artisans engrave details to bring out the design's three dimensional quality. 
With Jabel, it is hard not to fall in love with every one of their designs, even their simple gold bands seem more ethereal than most.  Here is a small sampling of some of favorite Jabel rings and bands:  

2018 Estate Engagement Rings6.jpg

2018 Estate Engagement Rings 1.jpg

2018 Estate Engagement Rings 3.jpg

2018 Estate Engagement Rings.jpg

2018 Estate Engagement Rings 2.jpg




dcw1534u418y - Crop.jpg

dcw934_18u414y_1000x1000 - Crop.jpg



Curved Wedding Bands


Favorite 2018 Wedding Invitation Company: Designs In Paper

From anticipation to reflection, and all the fun in between; your printed wedding materials tell the story of a wedding.  Therefore, finding an out-of-the-box vendor for 2018 is so important.  I simply could not think of anyone else BUT Designs in Paper for my 2018 wedding vendor favorite!

Their creativity is ingenious, ranging from custom water color paintings to bold fonts and silky vellum to thick textured papers. If you want a fresh eye and unique spin on wedding invitations, then look no further than Designs In Paper.  Here are some of my favorite examples from their Facebook page. 

designs in paper 3-1.jpg

designs in paper 4-1.jpgPhotography: Amilia Photography

designs in paper 2-1.jpg

designs in paper 1-1.jpgWatercolor of Apple Ford Estate

designs in paper 5-1.jpg


Favorite 2018 Destination Wedding Service: Maile Maui Weddings

If you are a 2018 couple looking to skip all the pomp and circumstance of a big wedding for a more intimate experience, than hurry up and book your flight to Maui ASAP!!!  And, be sure to hire Mariah Millan's Maile Maui Weddings.  Her company plans intimate wedding experiences from elopements to small weddings for a few close loved ones.  

Mariah and fellow planner Fawn, are Hawaii experts with the knowledge and connections only a local can obtain.  They know who you need to bring your once-in-a-lifetime experience to life; from enchanting tropical forest reveals to breathtaking beach ceremonies and the best photographers, officiants, florists, hair and make-up artists, etc. you can imagine.

Here are some beautiful examples of wedding they have coordinated (and even photographed):

Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings - Photographer: Mariah Milan - Officiant: Keli’i Arruda - Musician: Jamie Lawrence - Florist: In Bloom Hawaii - Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty - Location: Honolua Forest and Ironwood Beach - Time of Day: Sunset
Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings - Photographer: Mariah Milan - Officiant: Keli’i Arruda - Musician: Jamie Lawrence - Florist: In Bloom Hawaii - Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty - Location: Honolua Forest and Ironwood Beach - Time of Day: Sunset
Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings - Photographer: Love + Water Photography - Videographer: Hi Light Wedding Films - Officiant: Tino Rosete - Florist: Petals - Hair and Makeup: Maui Makeup Artistry - Location: Palauea Beach - Time of Day: Sunset
Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings - Photographer: Mariah Milan - Officiant: Charles Nahale - Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty - Location: Kapalua Bay - Time of Day: Sunset
Planning: Fawn of Maile Maui Weddings - Photographer: Mariah Milan - Officiant: Charles Nahale - Hair and Makeup: Meili Autumn Beauty - Location: Kapalua Bay - Time of Day: Sunset



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Thank you for reading our 2018 Wedding Trends Prediction

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