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Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jun 15, 2017 3:23:57 PM
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Many brides and grooms love the look of vintage engagement rings, but are hesitant to make the investment because of concerns over quality, condition, and selection.  For these couples, I strongly encourage them to start shopping for vintage style engagement rings.  Not only can they get the exact look they want, but they have the quality assurance of a new ring.

If you find yourself in this situation, then knowing what to shop for will help you get a new ring that looks like authentic vintage engagement rings.  Here are some tips to get you started:


New Vintage Engagement Rings Tip #1: Setting Style
In addition to holding the stone in place, the setting is also the focal point of the ring. Therefore, by using a vintage style settings you can give your engagement ring an authentic vintage look.  Two of my favorite vintage settings are:

Vintage Ring Settings_Fishtail Prongs.jpg


Vintage Ring Settings Octagonal Setting.jpg

Images: Fishtail Prong Solitaire & Three Stone, Octagonal With Millgrain & Without Millgrain


New Vintage Engagement Rings Tip #2: Style Theme

Selecting a theme(s) that relates back to vintage engagement rings will help give the antique style engagement rings you are shopping for a more authentic feel.  Here are a few of my favorite vintage style themes:

vintage engagement rings engraved.jpg


Vintage Ring Settings_floral.jpg


vintage engagement rings-art nouveau.jpg

Images: Intricate Rings, Floral Rings, Art Nouveau Engagement Rings


New Vintage Engagement Rings Tip #3: Design Elements

In addition to themes, many vintage engagement rings will have similar design elements such as the use of precious gemstones, open pierced shanks, engraving, and more!  Here are some visual references to help guide you in your search: 

vintage engagement rings_sapphire.jpg

vintage rings - millgraining.jpg

vintge rings-hand engraving.jpg

vintage engagement rings_Piereced Rings.jpg

Images: Gemstone Rings Oval & BaguetteMillgrained, Hand Engraved, Pierced Rings Cluster & Princess Cut


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New Vintage Engagement Rings Tip #4: Metal Selection

While white metal has dominated antique style engagement rings over the past decade, an upswing in rose gold has vintage fanatics raving!  That is because, in addition to it's romantic color, rose gold engagement rings often have the look of real antique rings.  Here are a couple beautiful uses of rose gold in antique style engagement rings:

Vintage Ring Settings-rose gold engagement rings.jpg

Images: Solitaire in all Rose Gold, Green and Rose Gold Flower Engagement Rings

New Vintage Engagement Rings Tip #5: Production Method

Let your love of vintage live on for the next generation by investing in a die struck heirloom quality ring; so your loved ones can wear it with confidence.  Our Jabel collection has been perfecting their die striking techniques for over a century, with many of the rings still being worn today.  

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