Do We Need Matching Wedding Bands? And More Questions Answered

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Dec 27, 2017 2:48:20 PM
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If you are planning a wedding today there are endless choices to be made, because old fashion customs are a thing of the past. Today, from ring to menu, and dress to venue, whatever you want goes!  However, some couples are revisiting old fashion wedding traditions to add a sense of romance and history to their wedding, especially when it comes to matching wedding bands.  

So, how do you know if matching wedding bands are right for you?  I have prepared the following Q&A to help you decide.  These question are also designed to show you that just because you want matching wedding bands doesn't mean there isn't room for adding your own flair.  And, if you don't see the questions answered here, just ask us and we would be happy to talk!  


Q: Do we need matching wedding bands?

A: No, you can choose what ever wedding band(s) you want!  The only thing you need to do is make sure that you love your rings.   However, if you love the look of matching wedding bands, don't be afraid to get them.  Here are a few standard his and her/unisex wedding band sets:

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Q:  Does my engagement ring need to match my wedding band?

A: No, in fact many brides love the mixed metal stackable wedding band trend that has been growing in popularity over the past few years.  However, if you prefer the look of a wedding band that matches your engagement ring, than be true to yourself and get it.  Today's bridal world is all about finding a style that you love, regardless of tradition, trends, or expectations.

Here are some examples of wedding bands that both match and contrast, each special and beautiful in it's own right!


Beccas wedding band.jpgCustom Engagement Ring & Wedding Band

wedding set 1.jpg
Special Order Engagement Ring/Matching Wedding Band
wedding set 2.jpg

Article:  Why Are Some People Wearing Two Wedding Bands?

Q: We can't find matching wedding bands that we both like; what can we do?

A: It's a common misconception that matching wedding bands must be the exact same ring.  If you take a more general approach to it, then you can find common characteristics that you both love, but leaving you room for the differences that neither of you want to compromise on.  Some times it's as simple as ordering both wedding rings in the same metal color, or you can go more traditional with examples like these:

matching wedding bands qa A (3).jpg
matching wedding bands qa A (2).jpg

matching wedding bands qa A (1)-1.jpgStackable Wedding Bands/Cigar Wedding Band

If you still can't find matching wedding bands you both love, consider something subtle and intimate with an engraved quote or burnishing a gemstone on the inside of your bands: 


Q: If my engagement ring does not have a matching wedding band, what should I do?

A: With all the excitement of engagement ring shopping, rarely are couples thinking ahead to whether or not their perfect ring has a matching wedding band or not (that is why we have included it in our Engagement Ring Shopping Checklist).  First thing you need to do is not panic!  You can always have a matching wedding band custom made, or you can simply identify what elements of your ring you like best and find a wedding band that matches them.  Here are some universal wedding bands, designed to match a wide variety of engagement ring settings; from antique style engagement rings to classic solitaire settings:


Classic Diamond Band




Rope Edge Diamond Wedding Band


aw1000u406w ring_crop.jpg


Eternity Diamond Bands


DW3968 - Crop-1.jpg

Diamond Band for Three Stone Engagement Rings


dcjw2056yu4 - Crop-1.jpg


Diamond Curved Wedding Bands



Vintage Style Curved Wedding Bands




All Gold Curved Wedding Bands




Simple Ring Guards (Two Wedding Rings)




Vintage Beaded Ring Guards (Two Wedding Rings)


Q: How do you get a Gents ring to match curved wedding bands?

A:  When you are struggling to match your wedding bands, try not to think of it literally.  So long as you find one or two characteristics to match, you will achieve the look of matching wedding bands without having to stress the details.  Here is a great example in which the decorative element and metal color of the curved wedding band match with those of this classic vintage style unisex/gents band: 

matching wedding bands blog qa (5).jpg

Curved Wedding Bands/Wide Wedding Bands

Q: Do our matching wedding bands need to be the same gold color.

A: No, you can choose what ever color metal you want and still achieve a matched look by just matching other design elements.  The following examples show, that so long as you have some matching characteristics the rings will still looked beautifully matched. Here are some examples.

matching wedding bands blog qa (3).jpg

Hand Engraved: Petite Vintage Style Wedding Band/Grand Vintage Style Wedding Band


matching wedding bands blog qa (4).jpg

Beaded Ring Guards (shown as 1/2 pair)/Beaded Cigar Band


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