Are Matching Wedding Bands His and Hers Right For You?

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jan 10, 2018 2:42:02 PM
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Finding one wedding band is challenging enough, let alone finding a style of matching wedding bands his and hers that you both love.  Fear not, here are some easy ways that you can both find rings you love!

Timeless Now

When it comes to matching wedding bands, simple gold bands are always a top choice with couples!  Not only are they beautiful but they are both iconic and symbolic; representing the 'eternity of love.'  

However, if you had your heart set on an ornate wedding band, I have two options.  First, wear two wedding bands, one plain and one fancy.   Yes, you read that correct, these days brides often wear two wedding bands.  Not only will double wedding bands keep the wedding set looking balanced and symmetric, but it adds to the grandeur of the wedding set.  Plus, wearing two wedding bands can also help protect your engagement ring from getting bumped.  If your budget does not allow for 2 wedding bands than get the symbolic band now and pick out a fancy wedding band for your first anniversary.

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Common Ground

If you love matching wedding bands, but want something more ornate than plain gold bands, than you and your fiancé will want to discuss what characteristics you desire most in your rings; this includes styling, metal color, design elements, etc.  Once you have established your preferences you can see where your lists crossover, allowing you to find rings that you both love, making wedding band shopping much easier.

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Compromise Compliment

When couples are unable to finding matching wedding bands that they both love, I suggest finding one or two characteristics that both can agree on and making that the "matching" element.  No, the rings will not be a identical, but maybe that's who you are as a couple, you compliment one another and enjoy celebrating what you each bring to the relationship.  So, don't get stressed, explore your differences and find rings that you both love.

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Engagement Dilemma

Sometimes matching wedding bands with your engagement ring can be one of the biggest challenges, and it's only more complicated when you are also trying to match a band with your spouses.  If this is the situation you are in I have two suggestions:

Matching Wedding Bands with Engagement Rings

If you want your wedding band to match your engagement ring, and you also want it to match your spouse, but you can't find a ring that does both, consider wearing two wedding bands.  The 'two wedding bands' look is very popular right now and will allow you to get a ring that fits perfectly with each of your matches.  Plus, wearing two wedding bands adds symmetry and balance to your wedding set and can help protect the engagement ring from getting bumped and banged. 

Not Matching Wedding Bands with Engagement Ring

If you are shopping for a matching wedding band to go with your engagement ring because you feel pressured to conform to old fashion etiquette, don't!  There are really no rules when it comes to bridal fashion anymore; especially with jewelry.  Wear what you want.  If you personally don't care if it matches, then don't add that stress to your life, get something you love. 


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