Jewelry You Can Wear After The Wedding: 5 Reasons To Shop Smart

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Dec 13, 2018 2:44:18 PM
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Time and time again I see friends buy elaborate costume jewelry for their wedding.  It's expensive. It's poorly made. And, typically, it is clearly costume jewelry.  Yes, maybe I'm a jewelry snob, but maybe I want to see the money they budget go to something that will look great, last a lifetime, and be something they can enjoy for years to come.  Here are my top 5 reasons your wedding jewelry should be something you can wear long after the wedding is over:

1. Relive Your Wedding Day

How touching to relive the moment your mom or best friend first clasped your wedding necklace around your imagine reliving that moment for a lifetime.  Selecting jewelry that you will enjoy after the wedding is overs allows you to relive these precious moments for the rest of your life.

2. Beauty For A Lifetime of Joy

If you select a piece of jewelry that you truly love, you will want to wear it again and again?  By selecting a beautiful piece of fine jewelry vs. an over-priced piece of costume jewelry, you can confidently wear that piece again and again for the rest of your life.

3. Don't Spend It All On One Day

When brides by expensive costume jewelry, they are spending all their money on a piece of jewelry that really can't be worn again.  However, if they apply their budget to a universal piece of fine jewelry they can purchase a pendant, earring, or bracelet that will last a lifetime. 

4. Stock Your Jewelry Box

This is your golden opportunity to enhance your jewelry wardrobe.  Especially with 'Little Black Dress" jewelry that goes with everything, both formal and informal.  Pieces like a pair of pearl and diamond studs, a simple diamond bar necklace, or a pair of gemstone earrings will make a great addition to your collection and look great on your wedding day.

5. Costume Isn't Heirloom

Often times brides turn to costume jewelry that gives them a luxury look for one day.  However, costume jewelry is primarily made with base metals created, glass, or plastic stones that will fade, shadow, and loose their luster before you know it.  Leaving nothing for the next generation to cherish as an heirloom.  Investing in heirloom jewelry will allow future generations to enjoy your jewelry and feel a connection to you and your special day.


Examples of Non Traditional Bridal Jewelry

Here are several examples of timeless jewelry that range from $299 to $1,000 (before a coupon code, hint...there's one at the bottom of this post) that will look amazing on your wedding and for years to come:


Wedding experts predict purple will be one of the most popular wedding colors this year.  This amethyst and diamond pendant in 14KT gold is a show stopper and will look just as beautiful when worn to special events throughout your life as it will on your wedding day.



This understated diamond necklace is the perfect day to night addition to your jewelry box.  When paired with a wedding dress it's a mature and sophisticated piece of jewelry, and when paired with a white t-shirt and a pair of great jeans it's a chic and savvy accessory.  While this 14KT necklace is shown with 5 diamonds it is also available with three diamonds or as a solitaire



Two stone diamond jewelry is one of today's hotest trends, and a classic design like this will continue looking beautiful long after the trend is over.  Whats more, the symbolic meaning will also last a lifetime, representing the two fold nature of marriage to your best friend and your true love (sounds like the perfect meaning for a wedding day).


3062w-400The Quatrefoil design has a rich history with roots in cultures and faiths throughout the world, including early Christian architecture, ancient Islamic iconography, and ancient Mesoamerican monuments.  However, today it is most commonly seen as a symbol of a four leaf clover, bringing the wearer luck. With such a long history and so much meaning, this would be a profoundly beautiful piece of jewelry to wear on your wedding.  Plus, it's a striking necklace that can be worn everyday to remember your special day. 



Another Irish wedding tradition that brides like to incorporate into their wedding is carrying a 'horseshoe.'  However, today's brides are foregoing an actual dirty horseshoe for a symbolic one, especially one in 14KT gold and encrusted in diamonds.  The horseshoe is meant to bring luck to the bride on her wedding day.  Why not invest in a beautiful diamond necklace like this that can bring you luck everyday, even after the wedding is over?!  



This 14KT gold diamond bar necklace may not have a profound symbolic meaning to it, but it does look amazing both paired with a wedding dress or as an everyday diamond necklace.  It's the perfect day to night necklace that every jewelry box needs!




These pearl and diamond earrings are a classic, and a must have for any fine jewelry collector. If you do not have them, then your wedding is the perfect opportunity to get a pair. These earrings are also available in ruby, emerald, and sapphire if you are not a fan of diamonds.


ER010BWThese gorgeous diamond hoop earrings are the perfect earrings for your wedding day, and everyday after that.  They are elegant, timeless, and a true show-stopper with brilliant common prong set diamonds set in 14KT gold.



Wow!  These earring climbers in 14KT gold and set with brilliant round diamonds and would make a dramatic addition to your jewelry box.  They look equally as beautiful in white or rose gold depending on you metal preference.



These pearl and diamond earrings are tradition with a twist!  So, if you have a funky style but want to add a staple piece of jewelry to your collection, these are the earrings for you! 



Bridal style has shifted, today's bride is not limited to white dresses and pearl or diamond jewelry (thought it does till look beautiful).  Go ahead and add a splash of color and show of your wedding style!  This 14KT solitaire gemstone pendant is available in a variety of stones including amethyst (purple), blue topaz (blue), citrine (yellow), garnet (red), peridot (green), rhodolite (raspberry), and opal.  Plus, it is an ideal necklace to wear after the wedding is over with your everyday attire.



Opal may have been your grandmother's stone, but today it is making a comeback with the reemergence of translucent stone.  This memorizing stone has had a variety of symbolic meanings throughout history from truth, hope, and purity to love and hope.  The common meaning symbolized in the stone is "hope" for the future, and as a new couple starting out, the presence of hope is all you need!  



A statement pearl necklace like this one in 14KT gold with round brilliant diamonds would be a welcome addition to your jewelry box; as well as a show stopper on your wedding day.  Plus, it would be a beautiful heirloom to wear and share for generations to come.

3060SAW-400I chose this sapphire and diamond halo pendant design because it is GORGEOUS!  It is both a classic design and one with royal roots (think Princess Di's engagement ring).  It's elegant, timeless, and would be a joy to wear to formal events for the rest of your life.


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