Jabel's Carved Flower Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Collection

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When it comes to heirloom quality jewelry, few of today's designers have the skill, knowledge, and time-tested methods as Jabel.  Their die struck jewelry is considered some of the best jewelry ever made.   Yet, it's not only their strength and durability that make their collections so appealing, it's their dedication to styling, especially with their carved collection of jewelry.  

Jabel's carved collection is traditionally shown in pink and green gold, though with today's demand for unique color combinations, they have begun offering the collection in custom color combinations, as well as in all one metal for a fun stackable look.  

Would you believe me if I told you all the flowers and leaves ares made individually?  It's true.  The method Jabel uses for crafting these beautiful rings, bands, pendants, earrings, and bracelets is fascinating, and it's a testament to their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.  While all carved jewelry uses the same method, today we will use their flower wedding band collection as an example: 

How Does Jabel Make Their Carved Flower Wedding Ring Collection

Jabel's attention to detail occurs on every level; from carefully alloying the metal, to the hand engraving the details for a more three dimensional look. Owning a Jabel flower ring is truly owning and original work of art. 

Step 1: Alloying

As with all die struck jewelry, the process begins at the most basic level, mixing the gold. In order to achieve the desired color Jabel use precise formulas of gold to a variety of other alloys to create their rich metal colors; from a crisp bright white to a warm rose gold.   

Step 2:  Rolling

After the metal is alloyed, it needs to be rolled into sheets of even thickness for the striking process.  This is done by repeatedly heating and rolling the metal until the desired thickness is achieved.

Step 3: Striking

Once the metal has the correct malleability and thickness, it is brought to the press department where the metal is struck with immense pressure.  The pressure both compresses and cuts the metal into the desired rose/leaf shape.    This die struck method of jewelry making is where the heirloom quality really comes into play.  The density created makes the pieces extra strong and will hold up better over the coming years.

Step 4: Assembly

Next step is the jewelers department.  The roses and leafs will need to be assembled by hand to create the signature garland pattern.  The jewelers align the pieces with great accuracy and solder them together with solder designed especially for precious metals. 

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Step 5: Re-Striking

While the solder is initially used to gold the roses and leafs together, a second round of die striking is employed to seal the joints, making them stronger, and visually less glaring.  The end result is a perfect rose garland flower wedding ring.  

Step 6: Engraving

At this point, though the ring is already visually recognizable as a garland of roses. However, as with all things Jabel, perfection can always be improved upon!  That is why their hand engravers will then go into the pattern to add styling and additional texture to the design to give it a more three dimensional and life-like appearance.

Step 7: Finishing

After the ring finishes production, a final quality control evaluation is performed.  Rarely are will any ring need to be rejected because every craftsmen throughout the process conducts their own quality checks, making sure their work and contribution to the ring is up to the Jabel standard.    

Examples of Jabel's Carved Collection

While we primary focused on the Jabel's carved flower wedding ring collection, this process is also used to create beautiful vintage style engagement rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings.  Here are a few for you to enjoy:

Flower Bracelets:

Pink and Green Flower Bangle Bracelet


fb1071614 - Crop.jpg
Add-A-Section Pink and Green Gold Flower Bracelets
- Shown as a starter and full bracelet -


Flower Pendants:

NSC112PG_1000.jpgRose Crucifix

Flower Earrings:


nse19914pg earring - Crop.jpg

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nse15114pg - Crop.jpg


Flower Wedding Ring and Engagement Rings:

BL311914_CW965PG_1000X1000-1-2.jpgFlower Wedding Ring vs. Engagement Ring


nscw215614pg_1000x1000_long.jpgTri-Color Flower Wedding Ring

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