How To Select Matching Gold Wedding Bands 

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jan 11, 2018 1:43:23 PM
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Congratulations on your engagement and welcome to my favorite part of
wedding planning, selecting your wedding bands! 

Before we get started, it's important to realize how special your wedding bands are; unlike other jewelry, a wedding band is a symbol for the eternity of your love and commitment to one another.  Does that sound a little old fashion?  That's probably because it is; the practice is so old fashion that it roots are ancient.  The fact that, after thousands of year and throughout cultures and lands, it continues to be a time honored tradition, goes to show how special these rings are!  When you and your spouse exchange your rings, you taking your place in history.  

So, how do you find rings worthy of this tradition? I suggest selecting matching gold wedding bands.  In our culture today, gold wedding bands are the most sought after style for brides and grooms.  Gold is strong, easily crafted into beautiful designs, and available in a variety of colors, which will be very helpful if you are matching wedding bands with an engagement ring.  Plus, by coordinating your wedding bands with each other, you are reinforcing the message of unity and partnership in your marriage. 

Today, their are endless choices for matching gold wedding bands, from plain gold rings to ornate wedding bands.  To find what rings are right for you, I recommend couples start by making a wish list of what they want most in a their ring.  This list can include everything from gold color to width, and styling to details such as millgraining or satin textures.  This will allow you to contrast and compare your likes to find common themes and styles that you both want in your matching wedding bands. 

Here are some ideas of matching gold wedding bands to help get you started:



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