How To Care For Your Engagement Ring: 4 Easy Tips

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jul 18, 2019 3:45:44 PM
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Congratulations on your engagement!  By now I'm sure you already posted your ring to Instagram and have vision of wedding cakes and honeymoons dancing through your head. 

STOP, this is important.  You need to take a moment to learn about ring care.  It can not be an afterthought.  This article is by no means everything you will need to know, but it's a great starting point to learn how to protect your ring from some of the biggest everyday risk factors in your life.  Remember, you want your ring to look just as beautiful on your wedding day and for a lifetime of anniversaries to come as it did when you said 'Yes'.    

Tip #1: Insure Your Ring

If you fiance  has not already done son, INSURE your ring!  I can't tell you how heart breaking it is to see couples dealing with the loss of a ring.  Now, imagine if you didn't have the funds to replace it, or the cost to replace had to come out of your wedding budget.  This headache is easy to avoid if you just call your insurance agent now.  Adding a simple rider to your existing homeowners or renters policy is affordable, easy, and worth it!  

Tip #2: Remove Your Ring

I know it's hard to image taking your ring off but there are many times when the risk is just not worth the reward.  Here are some common situations you may find yourself in when you absolutely need to take off your ring (and put it somewhere safe and secure).

Airport Security

The TSA agents at your airport's security gate are there to ensure your safety...not your ring!  Therefore, when you remove your jewelry and send it through the screen booth in that little bowl, there is a good chance it will come out ahead of you; leaving no one to watch over it while you wait to go through the metal detectors.  WAIT till you clear security to put on your ring, and any other jewelry for that matter.  


In addition to all the grime that you will be exposing the nooks and crannies of your ring too, many of the chemical cleaners can also damage your jewelry.  Always remove jewelry before cleaning!


Your fun in the sun will be short lived when anyone of these occur:

    • Dropping your ring in the sand is a nightmare.  Forget about a finding a needle in a haystack, this is near impossible, and, unless you packed a metal detector and have all the time in the world to 'maybe' find your ring, you can consider it gone for good.
    • Getting sand stuck under the stones in your setting will not only make ring dirty, but it can cause abrasions (scratches) that will need to be professionally removed. 
    • Sunscreen is a big No No!  First, it coats your stones leaving behind a sticky film that looks disgusting.  Second, it acts like glue by sticking to sand, dirt, hair, and anything that it comes in contact with.  Yuck!


Warm weather means swollen fingers that will give you a false sense of ring security.  Once your hand hits the cool water the swelling will subside, making it easy for your ring to slip off your finger and disappear for good!  Plus, many swimming pools are treated with chlorine which will eats away at the metal in your ring.  

Hot Tubing

If you think the chemical reaction from chlorine (and bromine) are dangerous to your ring, try adding in the heat of a hot tub.  The heat will act as an accelerator, making the ring damage worse and occur faster.


Yes, there maybe soap in the shower, but not the kind you want near your ring!  Body scrubs are abrasive, conditioner gets sticky, and none of this is good for your engagement ring.  Always remove your ring while you shower, just be sure to leave it somewhere safe, not near the drain or the garbage can.


The gym is full of ring dangers, from weights that can dent, scratch, and bend your ring, to sweat and the sweat-cleaning sprays you use to clean off your equipment.  Plus, just walking around the gym, I'm sure there are tons of things to dent and ding your ring.  Leave your ring home, focus on the workout, shower up...and THEN enjoy your lovely (and safe) engagement ring!


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Tip #3: Clean Your Ring

I can not stress how important it is to avoid the toothpaste jewelry cleaning hack!  This does not work and it will scratch your ring.  The scratches maybe subtle at first, but quickly the damage will compound and you will end up with a dull, scratched ring, that needs to be both polished, and, if you have white gold, the rhodium reapplied.  This can get expensive over time.  If you need to clean your ring, rinse your ring under hot water with a mesh drain cover in place.  If it's still dirty you can try soaking your ring in a mixture of warm tap water with a touch of mild dish detergent like Dawn, for 20 minutes.  Remove the ring and brush with a SOFT tooth brush, use a soft wash cloth to dry.  Remember, to be gentle!


Tip #4: Check-Up Time

Rather than trying to DIY clean your ring at home, leave it to our professionals!  Send your ring in for a check-up once a year.  We can can professionally clean it and check under a microscope for potential wear and tear, such as worn prongs, signs of accidental chemical exposure (see Pools and Hot Tubs above), and re-rhodium your white gold.  Just like your medical check ups, having our professionals inspect your ring once a year will help you spot potential danger before it happens.


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