Formal & Rustic Wedding Ideas

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jul 20, 2017 2:57:32 PM
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Formal & Rustic Wedding Ideas

Over the past decade the bridal world has been obsessed with rustic everything!  From burlap wrapped mason jars to vintage style lace gowns; it's all beautiful, but isn't it time for something new?  Yes, it is!  Thankfully, all it takes is a quick visit to some of my favorite bridal vendors to shake things up and bring the vintage bridal world some much needed fun and excitement.  Feel free to comment below with some of your favorite local wedding vendors.

formal and rustic wedding invitations

Formal Rustic Wedding Ideas: Designs In Paper Wedding Invitations

When it comes to creative printed materials for your wedding, look no further than Designs in Paper.  These beautiful invitations are the perfect combination of rustic, with their antique inspired paper, and elegance, with their floral embellishments and ornate lettering.  Yet, it's the extra detail Designs in Paper puts into the envelope's interior that really adds a formal note to these invitations.  I can not stress how important the details are when it comes to a wedding because attention to details transforms a theme into an experience.  Remember, always look for a vendor that will give your guests an experience.  

Claire Pettibone Zodia dress

Claire Pettibone Zodia dress

Claire Pettibone Zodia dress

Claire Pettibone Zodia dress

Formal Rustic Wedding Ideas: Claire Pettibone's Zodiac Gown

Claire Pettibone's designs are the definition of formal and rustic elegance.  Her creativity takes vintage elegance, rustic detailing, and exceptional old-world craftsmanship to a new level by pairing them with a fresh ideas for a modern interpretation of bridal wear.  One of my favorite examples of this is her 'Zodiac' gown.  This gown combines classic embroidery and lace with the modern, sleek, and metropolitan feeling of a formal sequinned gown.  It is the perfect marriage of old world beauty and modern formality. So, when you want a beautiful gown for your rustic formal wedding, count on Claire Pettibone's unsurpassed creativity for your perfect formal & rustic gown!


mix metal wedding bands  

Formal Rustic Wedding Ideas: Jabel Die Struck Mix Metal Wedding Rings

Jabel has long been known for their heirloom quality die struck bridal and jewelry designs.  However, not everyone is aware of their exceptional collection of vintage style wedding bands, engagement rings, and engagement sets.  This stunning assortment mixes old world techniques with jaw dropping beauty to create an amazing collection of designs; including pink and green gold wedding bands, hand engraved wedding bands, mix metal wedding bands, and ornate wedding bands.  These gorgeous designs can be customized to suit any brides need's using rose gold, green gold, yellow gold, white gold, and platinum with diamonds and gemstones. Email us today to explore your wedding band options


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