5 Rose Gold Engagement Rings To Fall In Love With

Posted by Melissa Fillie on Jun 20, 2018 9:03:48 AM

DMJ3059WU4Pink_1000X1000Rose gold is making a spectacular come back.  This soft, blushed hued precious metal is not only a nod to the resurgence of vintage bridal, but also a key element in the mixed metal look that is taking over the jewelry industry.  So, fellas, if you want to please your bride-to-be's romantic, vintage, and chic sides all in one, then start shopping for rose gold engagement rings. Here are my 5 favorite looks:

Rose Gold Engagement Rings #1: The Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

This die struck classic solitaire engagement ring is timeless with its simple clean lines. When ordered in pink gold it gives the color a chance to shine and take center stage.  Just remember to order the setting in white gold or platinum, otherwise the blush hue can reflect in the stone and mask the clean color of your diamond.  




Rose Gold Engagement Rings #2: Floral Engagement Rings

Floral engagement ring settings are also a popular choice and pair beautifully with the feminine quality of pink gold. The ring below features beautiful flowers in relief as well as leaf and organic decorative details. This ring is like a bouquet that will never wilt away; just like your love for her.




Rose Gold Engagement Rings #3: Understated Engagement Rings

This is the perfect ring for any bride-to-be that loves clean but still wants a touch of something unique.  The engraved side details on are as beautiful as they are understated.




Rose Gold Engagement Rings #4: Modern Diamond Mountings

Is your bride-to-be looking for a modern diamond setting? If yes, then this is the setting for her.  The tapered channel set diamonds draw your eye to the center stone, keeping the focus on the main diamond while adding the perfect amount of sparkle to the shank.   




Rose Gold Engagement Rings #5: One Of A Kind Engagement Rings

If you are looking for a unique engagement ring then check out this amazing vintage made die struck ring.  A couple cool facts about this ring, first, its dies struck!  Second, this ring is made using a vintage die that has been around since the early years at Jabel; it is literally a 'new' 'vintage' ring and the pink gold ties in perfect with its antique history.  Third, the triquetra pattern on the shoulders is a celebrated symbol that has been adopted by many cultures and faiths throughout history.  Finally, the full bezel setting will add extra protection for your diamond and makes this an excellent setting for an active bride.  So, if you're bride-to-be wants to stand out from the crowd, this is the ring for her.


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Melissa Fillie

June 20, 2018

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