Engagement Rings 101: 5 Tips To Save Your Budget

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jul 5, 2018 12:17:22 PM
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Finding the perfect ring can be overwhelming especially if your are shopping for engagement rings on a budget.  From selecting a metal to making sense of the 4C's of Diamonds, there are so many places you can loose sight of your budget.  In this blog we will go over our top 5 tips for keeping you on budget so you can find the perfect ring.  


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Tip #1: Metal Matters

Yes, platinum is beautiful and strong, but sometimes it's more about the bragging rights.  The fact is, 14KT gold offers strength, durability, and lots of style opportunities with it's wide array of colors including yellow, white, and rose gold.  Plus, gold is far more affordable than 18KT and Platinum.

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Tip #2: Carat Counts

Diamond pricing is unique in that it becomes disproportionately more expensive the bigger the carat weight becomes.  Here is a trick, because diamonds are priced in a price per carat range, look on the larger side of the range to get the look of a bigger diamond at the more affordable price per carat cost of a smaller diamond.  For example, if you want the look of a 1 carat diamond, look for diamonds in the .80 CT size.  This will give you the look of the larger size with the budget friendly price per carat of the lower range.


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Tip #3: Cool Color

Be different!  Contrary to mainstream advertising, gemstone engagement rings are growing in popularity and for good reason.  Not only are these rings more affordable, but they are beautiful!  So, if your fiancé is interested in gemstone engagement rings, embrace it.  


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Tip #4: Diamond Wise

Yes, you can over-buy your diamond.  The fact is color, cut, and clarity are evaluated by expert gemologists with microscopes who have received advanced training to see what everyday people can not see.  While you may say you want a "flawless, colorless diamond", in truth a "slightly flawed, slightly colored diamond" may look just as beautiful to the naked eye.  Unless, your friends, family, and  fiancé carry a jewelers loupe, no one will question your diamond grade.  Trust  your Bella's shopper to help you save on color, cut, and clarity so you can stay in budget with a gorgeous diamond.  


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Tip #5: Trend or Timeless

It can be hard to decipher between a trend that looks good one day, and a style that will last for years to come.  Look at the pros and  cons of any style before you buy it, consider how the trend pairs with your lifestyle and if you will love this look as much in 50 years as you do when your shopping for it. 

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