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Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Nov 21, 2019 8:36:55 PM
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Selecting an engagement ring is a very different shopping experience now than it was just a decade ago, especially when it comes to engagement ring sets.  For years, shoppers would always look for an engagement ring set and may not select a ring if there wasn't a matching wedding band.  At the time, finding a matched set was an absolute must! 

However, times have change, and while some old fashion traditions remain, matching wedding sets are rarely one of them.  Today's shoppers have an exceptional amount of freedom to find the perfect engagement.  It's liberating to know that you can buy what you want without concern.


So, why is this no longer a concern? 

Why don't you have to look for matching wedding ring sets? 


There are many reasons why you don't have to shop for an engagement ring sets anymore.  From style to function, there are so many reasons to explore shopping for the engagement ring as a stand alone piece of jewelry.  Here are a few:

1. Custom Design

Thanks to modern technology, you don't need to an engagement ring set.  You can simply custom design one using CAD/CAM.  Therefore, if you find the perfect ring and later on your fiancé wants a matching wedding band, just have one designed! 


2.  Universal Wedding Bands

Yes, an engagement ring set will be perfectly matched.  However, more often than not, a universal gold/platinum or diamond band will be your perfect match too!  Universal wedding bands are a great way to give you a matched look without the extra step of custom design.  Simply identify the characteristics of your engagement ring you love most and find a wedding band with those same attributes.  Here are some things to consider matching when looking shopping for a universal wedding band:

Metal Type

Diamond Grade/Size

Embellishments (millgrain, engravings, etc.)

Setting Style (prong, bezel, channel, etc)


When you match a few key elements you can identify your perfect almost-matching wedding band.  The end result will be a beautiful and cohesive wedding set that you truly love!


3. Contrasting Wedding Sets

It's also important to take into account some new wedding traditions that have arose the past few years.  In this case, neither the engagement ring nor the wedding band match.  This is a fashion forward approach to both engagement ring shopping and wedding band selection.  Not only will this alleviate the concern of finding a matching wedding band, but the contrast will help both the engagement ring and the wedding band 'pop.' 


4. Worn Separate

Another reason to skip the wedding ring set is that several careers make wearing your engagement ring on a daily basis very challenging.  It may be better to buy the engagement ring of your dreams and pair it with a simple gold or platinum band, saving a flashy diamond or engraved ring for an anniversary gift that is worn on special occasions.  Here are some of the jobs that may make wearing an engagement ring set on a daily basis challenging: 

- Personal Trainers may find their ring gets too damaged from using equipment.

- Nurses will find frequent hand washing, wearing gloves, and patients care challenging.

 -Gardeners/Landscapers will find working in dirt and using equipment damaging.

-Military can wear wedding rings, but damage is risky, especially on active deployment.



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