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Alternatives to Antique Ring Settings

Getting engaged is a special time; filled with romance and priceless moments.  However, if you are considering antique engagement rings, then I briefly need you to step out of that fairy tale for a moment and think long term.  When you do, unfortunately the magic of authentic antique ring settings may disappear.  Why? Simple, because you are buying used jewelry that carries with it all the baggage of worn and abused jewelry: cracked prongs, chipped stones, and worn shanks.  Unfortunately, unless those gorgeous antique ring settings that you love so much are die struck, you may end up looking at a lifetime of expensive repair and restoration bills, as well as replacing the entire ring if the repairs are too extensive.  

Instead, save the antique ring for an anniversary gift.  That way it will only need to be worn on special occasions, thus eliminating the concerns of daily wear and tear.

For your engagement ring, I strong urge you to consider a vintage style engagement ring setting.  Not only do these rings give you the fairy tale look you want, with the quality you need, but by buying a new ring you can customize many of the details; giving you the exact ring of your dreams.  However, if it is the ring's history that you find alluring, consider buying a vintage stone and having it set into a new setting, giving you the best of both worlds.

Here are some of my favorite vintage style style antique ring settings from our Jabel collection.  They are all die struck, meaning they will be around for generations to admire, so future brides can have a fairy tale dream antique ring without facing these concerns:


Vintage Style Engagement Rings

The following vintage style engagement rings are made using Jabel's unique Die Struck Jewelry making methods.  The result is a stronger and more resilient ring setting that will stand up to the test of time, making them heirloom quality rings.


Flower Wedding Rings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #1: Flower Wedding Rings With A Vintage Flair
This die struck feminine flower wedding ring from Jabel is inspired by the flowing beautiful forms in
nature and has a tear drop of diamonds set on
each of the ring's shoulders.
Alternative Antique Ring Settings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #2: Art Nouveau Style Engagement Rings
The ring shoulder's silhouette is host a palm design,
a classic Art Nouveau motif.

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Unique Alternative Antique Ring Settings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #3: Unique Engagement Ring with a Retro Feel
Not only does this ring have a distinctive Fleur De Lis vintage feel, but the ring can be
customized to a variety of diamond sizes and quantities; allowing you to place
vintage diamonds and gemstones into your new setting.


Engraved Alternative Antique Ring Settings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #4: Hand Engraved Engagement Ring
The lost art of hand engraving adds exquisite details to your rings design.  From scroll and
millgrain patterns, to this classic wheat patter, there is a motif to suit any bride!


Pink Gold Alternative Antique Ring Settings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #5: Rose Gold Engagement Rings
Customizing your ring in rose gold adds a romantic and vintage touch to your ring.  You can also
play around with mix metal rings by contrasting yellow, white, and/or rose gold.


diamond cluster Alternative Antique Ring Settings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #6: Pierced Shank Engagement Rings
Intricacy is a hallmark of antique ring settings, therefore, look for a ring that has a pierced shank like this beautiful domed diamond cluster ring from Jabel (plus it's die struck).
fancy Alternative Antique Ring Settings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #7: Intricate Engagement Rings
Engagement rings like this die struck, hand engraved stunner from Jabel encapsulates everything
we love about antique ring settings; intricacy, ornate embellishments, and
a strict attention to detail.
sapphire engagement rings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #8: Sapphire Engagement Rings
Many couples love the use of precious gemstones in antique engagement rings.  Fun fact, most rings can be custom ordered with emeralds, rubies, or sapphires, in place of diamonds giving you that vintage gemstone look you love!


die struck engagement rings
Antique Ring Settings (Alternatives) #9: Vintage Die Struck Design
If you really want an authentic antique ring setting, how about going to the source!  
Jabel continues to manufacture some of it's earliest designs including this
ring which dates back to 1925.  Essentially, through Jabel we can
make you a new 'antique engagement rings.'


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