Are matching wedding bands stressing you out?

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Dec 10, 2018 2:14:54 PM
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Two Tone (3)

Wedding planning should be a fun.  However, some old fashion traditions are causing stress you don't need, including finding matching wedding bands.  Like many dated traditions, nowadays you don't have to match your wedding band to your engagement ring or to your fiancé's ring.  Granted, if prefer a traditional matched look that's fine too.  Wedding band shopping is all about finding something you love.  

The biggest advantage to selecting wedding bands that do not match is you and your fiancé can get exactly what you want.  This will eliminate the need to find wedding bands you can both agree on, leaving you time to focus your attention on other wedding planning tasks, or just enjoying some free time together.


Non-Matching Bands That Still Match (a little bit)

One of the biggest misconceptions of non-matching wedding bands is that they have to be totally different.  The fact is, you can easily find non-matching wedding bands that still relate to one another.  Here are some ways to get "matching" non-matching wedding bands:

Match Metal Colors

Selecting the same metal for both rings is one of the easiest ways to match your wedding bands while still selecting different designs.  You can match one color or two, as seen in the two tone wedding band example below.

Two Tone


Match Design Elements

Another way to select different wedding bands that relate without being too matchy-matchy, is to select rings that share a design element or can be customized to include a shared design element.  My favorite design element is a millgrain edge.  It's simple but elegant and can be easily applied to almost any ring, giving you lots of options.

Two Tone (1)

Match Stones

One of my favorite customization is when couples add a small burnished gemstone inside the band of their rings.  This can be done in-place of or in addition to an engraving.  It's a beautiful customization that is symbolic and private; only you and your fiancé knowing the meaning behind the stones.  You can select the birthstone associated with the month you met, are getting married, or got engaged. 

DC4516WU418-400X400 Crop

Above: Custom W4516


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