Are Gold Wedding Rings All The Same? And More Q&A

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Are gold wedding rings all the same?

Good question!  The answer is no, gold wedding rings can vary greatly even within their own Karat.  I am sure you have many more questions, some of which other brides and grooms, just like you, are asking too.  Here are some common questions regarding gold wedding rings and some helpful information to guide you to the perfect metal:


What is karat?  

Karat (with a 'K') is an industry term that tells you how much pure gold exists in the 'gold'.  Each Karat represents a different percentage of pure gold mixed with other alloys.  The non-gold alloys can vary even within the karat because they are used to create different gold colors as well as adding strength, malleability (or flexibility), etc.  Here are the 3 most common Karats used in gold wedding rings.

how much gold is in 14KT

The Pros and Cons of 14KT Gold

While there is less pure gold in 14KT, the metals that are added can help increase the metal's strength and resilience.  However, some people can be allergic to the additional metals.  As long as you don't have an allergy, 14KT is a great choice, especially if budget is a consideration.   

how much gold is in 18KT

The Pros and Cons of 18KT Gold

For lovers of gold jewelry, there is a slight color difference between 14KT and 18KT; 18KT will be somewhat richer.  Many people also prefer the increased value of 18KT because of it's higher pure gold percentage.  While not as strong as 14KT, 18KT does have contain other alloys that help strengthen the metal.  

how much gold is in 24KT

The Pros and Cons of 24KT Gold

Pure gold is the most luxurious of the metals.  However, it is softer than 14KT and 18KT making it less practical for everyday wear.  And, if you love the look of white gold, then you are out of luck because the white can only be achieved when additional alloys are mixed, meaning you would no longer have pure gold.  


yellow gold wedding rings
18KT Yellow Gold Wedding Ring


What gold Karat should I choose?

While it can be hard to think 'practical' when you are surrounded by so much glitz and glamour; there are a few considerations you should have when deciding which metal to choose:

Lifestyle - You will want a metal that can hold up to the increased amount of wear and tear if you work in an active profession, such as a teaching, physical therapy, or dancing.

Budget - If budget is a concern you may want to consider 14KT.  While it has a lower percentage of pure gold, it's beautiful and strong (a real win win).   

Style - Although you do need to think practical, this is a ring that you will wear everyday for the rest of your life and if you are not happy with it, than it doesn't matter what the benefits are.  Just make sure to keep style and practicality in check!

Allergies - This is a big one; by now you probably already know if you have a metal allergy.  If you do have allergies and still want the look of a white metal, consider adjusting your budget for platinum, it's hypoallergenicl.


gold wedding rings in yellow white and rose gold
Stackable Wedding Rings in
14KT Rose Gold, 18KT White Gold, 14KT Yellow Gold


What makes the different gold colors?

Gold, which is naturally a rich yellowish hue, is colored by combining it with another metal.  Here are some common gold colors and how that coloring is achieved.

White Gold 

White gold is made by mixing white metals with pure gold.  These metals can include nickel, manganese, or palladium.  At Jabel, they typically use palladium vs. nickel for a number of reasons:

Allergies - Some people are allergic to nickel but are not allergic to palladium.

Properties - Jabel has found that palladium increases the metals' malleability, allowing it to withstand the die striking process better than other white alloys.

Color - Palladium gives the metal a desirable bright white finish.

Rose Gold (AKA Pink Gold, Russian Gold, Red Gold)

The warm pink tones of rose gold are the result of mixing copper with pure gold.  In addition to it's gorgeous color, the copper also helps to strengthen the metal.

Green Gold

While it's rare to have wedding bands made of all green gold, the metal is used in mixed metal designs.  It is often paired with rose gold, for a pink and green gold look. The green color is achieved by mixing pure gold with pure silver. 


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