Antique Style Rings That Are Perfect For Getting Engaged

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jun 21, 2017 12:14:19 PM
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antique style rings with sapphires
The world is obsessed with antique ring settings, especially when it comes to engagement rings.  If this is you, then I have 3 spectacular antique style rings to inspire your dream engagement ring!
Antique Style Rings #1: Hand Engraved Rings
What is the difference between hand engraved and other fancy rings? One of the biggest differences is the look and longevity of the design.  Hand engraving is more intricate and crisp. Unlike a cast pattern, these engravings are cut into the finished jewelry making them crisp and clean.  Plus, hand engraving requires a dense and flawless surface, making die struck rings the ideal canvas for this style of art.  Here are some selection from our Jabel collection of antique style rings.  
antique style ring with surpirse diamonds
antique style rings sets
engraved solitaire
 Antique Style Rings #2: Gemstone Rings
In 1981 the world fell in love with gemstone engagement rings when Lady Diana became engaged to Prince Charles.  Then, in 2010 the world once again began entertaining the idea of a gemstone engagement rings when Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton. The recent royal engagement was perfectly timed with both a revival of all things vintage and a millennial trend toward non-traditional engagement rings. Here are some exciting sapphire engagement rings to consider in any of your favorite gemstones:
princess di style engagment rings
retro antique style rings
sapphire engagement rings
Antique Style Rings #3: Cocktail Rings
Nothing says 'Wow" like a cocktail ring; especially antique style rings.  That is why these are some great rings to consider for engagement rings. From bold diamond cluster designs to vintage Fleur De Lis rings, there is something for everyone in this collection.
luxury vintage style rings
rose gold antique style rings
fleur de list antique style rings
antique style rings with diamond clusters
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