A Flower Wedding Ring Inspired By Real Flowers

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A flower wedding ring is the only bouquet from your wedding day that will last a lifetime.  These blossoms will never wilt or fade away.  From rose buds to dogwood blossoms, from soft blush rose gold tones to rich yellow gold, flower wedding rings have something for everyone!  Here are my top tips to buying a romantic flower wedding ring for your special day!

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Perfectly Placed Diamonds

In traditional wedding rings, diamonds are the focus of the band, however in flower wedding rings, the diamonds can be used to accentuate the design.  In this elegant die struck wedding band from Jabel [above], the diamonds are set in the center of the blossom and through the width of the leaves; giving the design a three dimensional quality.


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Soft Pink Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Rose gold wedding bands have a soft and warm hue that is not only romantic, but brings out the subtle blush tones of the flower that inspired it's design.  Consider having your flower wedding ring made in warm gold tones to add realism, as well as a touch of romance.


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Traditional Motifs

Flower wedding rings come in a variety of designs including traditional and realistic designs.  These designs are perfect for commemorating the actual flowers from your wedding day.  The most popular flower is a rose.


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Organic Inspiration

Flower wedding rings can draw on a number of nature's beautiful patterns.  For example, this gorgeous wheat inspired hand engraved wedding band has a beautiful symmetric and intricate pattern that lends itself beautifully to jewelry; especially wedding rings.


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Flowing Lines

If you prefer a more stylized flower wedding ring, than consider shopping for a wedding ring that has organic lines that curve and flow like the lines in nature.  A natural element will keep your ring looking organic and earth centered and recognizable.


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A Mix Metal Flower Wedding Ring

If you love traditional flower wedding rings, than consider using a mixed metal design.  The contrasting metals will help articulate the pattern.  In this ring the roses are crafted in rose gold, the leafs in green gold, and the rims in a crisp and contrasting white gold that helps the colorful gold tones pop.


real flower wedding ring 7.jpg

Cocktail Style Wedding Rings

While cocktail rings may not be the go-to style for traditional wedding rings, they do make excellent wedding bands.  Consider a bold wedding band, such as this design to let your love of flowers shine!




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Without Stones

When you are working with expert craftsman, like those at Jabel, it is important to remember that sometimes the details are so exquisite that they do not need any stones to bring out the design motif.  


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 Curved Wedding Bands

Flower wedding rings come in a variety of styles including curved or straight.  Curved wedding bands allow the ring to fit snug against the engagement ring for a cohesive look.


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Straight Flower Wedding Ring 

For brides that want to wear their wedding ring independent of the engagement ring, straight flower wedding rings are a great option.  They look just as beautiful beside the engagement ring as they do on their own.  

 Have you considered  how lifestyle will affect your  choice of wedding band?


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