9 Celebrity Wedding Bands (and how to get the look)

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When it comes to wedding planning, many brides turn to their favorite celebrities for inspiration on everything from decor to wedding bands.  Here are 9 inspirational red carpet celebrity wedding bands to inspire your wedding set including:

Vintage Wedding Bands

Simple Gold Bands

Delicate Diamond Bands

Two Wedding Bands


Nicole Phelps.jpg
Image Source: Nicole Phelps and Instagram (www.instagram.com/mrs.nicolephelps)

Celebrity Wedding Bands #1: Nicole Phelps 

How lovely is this simple, timeless, and elegant gold band?  Wearing a simple gold band adds a note of sophistication to your wedding set and we are thankful for Nicole Phelps for bringing back this beautiful look.

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands:  Thank you again Nichole Phelps for promoting a beautiful, timeless, and affordable look you can achieve with the selection of any seamless wedding ring.


Bellas Instagram_Text Only (3)


Hannah Davis.jpg
Image Source: US Magazine and Michael Stewart/WireImage(2)

Celebrity Wedding Bands #2: Hannah Davis

Looking for a classic bridal look, turned up a notch?  Hannah Davis' wedding band does that beautifully.  She paired a straight diamond band with matching setting styles but set with diamonds that are slightly larger than those in her engagement ring's band. The look maintains a well matched look but adds a touch of pizzazz to the set!  

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: To match Hannah Davis' look, try ordering a diamond band with the same setting style as your engagement ring that is with diamonds .01CTs - .02CTs larger.  Just be sure to use matching diamond grades to keep the two wedding bands matching.



Celebrity Wedding Bands #3: Ciara

Have you ever seen two wedding bands look like this?  Style diva, Ciara knows how to make a statement with her bold set of diamond ring guards framing her massive engagement ring.  It is bold, daring, and surreal in its beauty!   

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: Any diamond wedding band, when purchased as a pair will give you the two wedding bands look (also called ring guards).  If the look is out of your price range, start with one wedding band for the wedding and add a second on your first wedding anniversary.  Just be sure not to compromise by putting quantity over quality or you are looking at a lifetime of repair bills.



Celebrity Wedding Bands #4: Eva Longoria

When it comes to grace and elegance, few compare to Eva Longoria.  That is why she is one of our favorite style icons.   Her simple wedding band is elegance refined and we love it!

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: Eva Longoria's wedding band is a look that almost any bride can achieve by selecting one simple diamond wedding ring.  Just be sure to buy a quality ring that is durable and not too thin or you will have a future filled with prong repair, diamond replacement, and band restorations.  

 º Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Wedding Band

BCJean Bridal.jpgBCJean Ring.jpg
Bridal Portrait Photographer London Light Photography

Celebrity Wedding Bands #5: BC Jean

Question: What do you get when you combine two dynamic personalities with the bridal genius of David Tutera and Slomique Hawrylo?  

Answer: A beautiful mythic wedding, including one stunning custom made vintage style wedding band!  

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: Designing your own vintage style wedding band can be an expensive process.  Therefore, if this is the look for you want, consider asking us about Jabel's 100 years of wedding bands.  Not only are many of their old vintage designs still available, but they are made using the same die struck jewelry technique they perfected when they opened in 1916. 


Italia.jpgItalia Ricci.jpg
Image Source: Wedding Couple: Italia Ricci and Instagram,

Celebrity Wedding Bands #6: Italia Ricci

When Italia Ricci married Robbie Amell, she had the honor of her father in-law crafting her wedding bands to match her beautiful halo engagement ring.  She choose an elegant diamond band with rows of stones as brilliant as her fun loving personality!  

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: Designing your own wedding band can be an overwhelming process if you are not familiar with jewelry, and sometimes it's best to let us do the work for you! Tell us what you want, and we will find it!  



Celebrity Wedding Bands #7: Kaitlin Doubleday

Kaitlin Doubleday's two wedding bands are simply radiant with endless sparkle and luxurious texture!  I'm sure even her Empire co-stars were in awe of all that shine.  

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: Wearing two wedding bands is very common these days, but it can put a strain on your wedding budget.  Here are a few thoughts on getting a similar look without breaking the budget: 1) try a pair of all gold textured ring guards or 2) buy one wedding band now and another to celebrate your first wedding anniversary.


Image Source: People Exclusive with Shawn Johnson:
Ring and Portrait (Lindsey Grace Whiddon/Wild Native Co)

Celebrity Wedding Bands #8: Shawn Johnson

When 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist, Shawn Johnson selected her wedding band, she chose a playful, yet classic round, bezel inspired diamond band in a contrasting white gold.  

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: Here are just a few of our recommendations on how you can get Shawn's look: 1) for a rounded setting select a wedding band with a similar design, 2) if you love the contrast of yellow and white gold, select a wedding band that contrasts with your engagement ring.

Portrait Photographer: Katie Shuler

Celebrity Wedding Bands #9: Anna Camp

Not only is this Pitch Perfect couple absolutely adorable, so are their wedding bands! I love Anna's delicate diamond band, which compliments her cushion cut engagement ring.  And, Skylar Astin's mixed metal wedding band is a great example of two tone men's wedding rings!

Tips Celebrity Wedding Bands: To get Anna's wedding band look, select a delicate diamond band to compliment your engagement ring.  For Skylar's gent ring, consider a textured mixed metal men's wedding ring.

Have you considered  how lifestyle will affect your  choice of wedding band?

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