5 Vintage Style Curved Wedding Band Ideas

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jan 4, 2018 12:05:31 PM
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When it comes to finding a curved wedding band to compliment your vintage style engagement ring, we have a 5 gorgeous rings that you must see!  From flower wedding rings to simple diamond bands, these rings are perfect!


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Vintage Curved Wedding Bands #1: Gold Floral Wedding Bands

This Jabel wedding band is literally a wreath of flowers with hand engraved details to add to the design's three dimensional quality.  Jabel is a historic company with over 100 years experience producing heirloom quality designs!  If you love this ring,you MUST see their collection of pink and green gold carved designs.




Vintage Curved Wedding Bands #2: Floral Wedding Bands with Diamonds

Sometimes you just want a little extra sparkle in your wedding band!  And, with a qualified jeweler all it takes is a slight modification to the design. If you find a gold wedding band you love talk with a Bella's Personal Shopper to see how we can turn it into your dream ring!




Vintage Curved Wedding Bands #3: Classic Diamond Band

Finding the perfect curved wedding band to match your vintage engagement ring can be as simple as looking for a ring with authentic style details.  In this example, we have selected a traditional curved wedding band with vintage style millgrain details (also referred to as beading).  



Vintage Curved Wedding Bands #4: Scrolling Wedding Band

Nature inspired details are common in vintage wedding bands regardless of if they are straight or curved wedding bands.  In this example we have a beautiful scroll and millgrain Jabel wedding band that  has an ivy like organic quality to it.  Perfection!



Vintage Curved Wedding Bands #5: Petite Vintage Wedding Bands

If you prefer a subtle looking band, consider a delicate wedding band with vintage details, such as this scroll and millgrain band.  However, if you choose a delicate looking band, be ABSOLUTELY sure the wedding band is made by a reputable designer or delicate could mean fragile.  In this example, we have a Jabel wedding band that, while it looks delicate, it has been made with heirloom quality and century old techniques; allowing you to get the delicate look you want with the integrity and peace of mind you need.


Rose Gold Wedding Bands

Still looking to give your curved wedding band a more 'vintage' look?  One of the best ways to make any wedding band look like an authentic vintage wedding band is to order your ring in rose gold.  Rose gold wedding bands add an old fashion romantic touch to your wedding set.  

"Can I wear a rose gold wedding band if I don't have a rose gold engagement ring?"

You absolutely can wear rose gold with your yellow gold, white gold, or platinum engagement rings.  Pairing different metals will give you a mixed metal wedding sets; a  chic look that honors vintage styling but with a modern twist!  When worn with yellow gold, rose gold adds a warmth and a charming quality to your set.  When you wear rose gold with a white gold or platinum, it has a crisp and clean look.  You simply can't go wrong!  Here are some examples of rose gold wedding bands:

SW1948F-6P_1000X1000 - Crop (1).jpg


dcw1534u418y - Crop.jpg


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