5 Ideas For Wearing 'Greenery' Pantone's Color of the Year

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Feb 8, 2017 10:21:04 AM
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How To Wear Greenery
(Pantone's 2017 Color of the Year)



Greenery-a little.jpg

"Greenery" Look #1 - Just A Little

Have you ever heard that "less is more"?  This sheer embroidered top from Zara, epitomizes that saying!  The subtle use of the color, 'Greenery,' in the foliage pays tribute to Pantone's color of the year.  It's elegant, understated, and stylish.  You can also achieve this look with a scarf, handbag, or shoes.  

Jewelry Tip: Pair your look with a piece of yellow or rose gold jewelry. The metal's warmth brings out the rich tones of "Greenery."


Greener - a little bit more.jpg

"Greenery" Look #2 - A Little More

If you're looking to be a bit more adventure with the color, but you still aren't ready to fully commit, try a garment with lots of pattern to break up all the color.  This kimono dress from Anthropologie is excellent!  It is clearly a 'Greenery' colored dress, but the broken pattern keeps it light and airy. 

Jewelry Tip: To keep it light and airy, wear white gold jewelry. The metal's ethereal quality will keep your jewelry from looking too heavy.



#3  "Greenery" Look - Make A Commitment

An excellent way to wear 'Greenery' with confidence is to use an accent piece like the Anthropologie jacket pictured above.  It's bolder than a scarf, purse, or shoe while still allowing for other colors.

Jewelry Tip:  Make bolder jewelry choices to compliment your bold color commitment, like a set of stackable mixed metal rings or bangles.


Greenery-all in.jpg

#4  "Greenery" Look - Your All In

Commit in a big way!  If you love 'Greenery' then show it off.  There are plenty of jump suits, like the Gap design above, or you could wear a full length dresses or coordinating top and pants to help pull off the look. 

Jewelry Tip: With all that 'Greenery' going on, keep your jewelry simple and complimentary.  Try a larger yellow gold pendant, like this one from David Connolly. 


#5  "Greenery" Look - Let It Sparkle

Make your 'Greenery' purchase an investment and buy a piece of peridot jewelry.  Unlike clothes, gemstones will always be in fashion and it's a wise investment that you will be able to wear, long after 'Greenery' is said and done.  

Jewelry Tip:  Now that mixed metal looks are common place, choosing a metal that compliments your existing jewelry is not necessary. You can invest in a two tone setting like the ring featured here that will pair beautifully with existing yellow or white gold jewelry.

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February 08, 2017

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