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Are you shopping for a unique engagement ring?

Are you unsure where to begin? 

Does the entire process seem overwhelming? 

If this what you are struggling with, please let me help.  Having worked for almost 15 years in jewelry, I would strongly suggest a gemstone engagement ring.  In addition to the fact that these rings are exceptionally gorgeous, there many more reasons why I feel these rings are the perfect solution, such as...

Gemstones are more affordable than diamonds.  Therefore, your budget will go much further with a gemstone ring.  

Gemstones can tell a story.  For example, you could pick the gemstone associated with the month you first met; adding meaning and thoughtfulness to your selection.

Gemstones rings come in a wide range of styles.  This will help you find the exact ring you want; from ornate and decorative to simple and refined.  You will no longer feel the pressure of shopping for traditional engagement rings.

Gemstone engagement rings are becoming a unique and fashionable choice among style influencers and celebrity trendsetters, including Kate Middleton, Eva Longoria, Hillary Swank, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow, Johanna Braddy, Jennie Garth, Jenny McCarthy, and many more!   

Gemstones make for an ethically responsible engagement ring, because they can eliminate the concern over conflict diamonds.  Likewise, some are even considered a renewable resource.

Before you start shopping it's important to have a basic understanding of what makes for a quality stone because, unlike the 4C's of diamonds, there is no standard grading system for gemstones.  Plus, all stones have different characteristics that define their quality.  Understanding the inherent qualities of the stones will help make you a smarter shopper.  And, a smarter shopper finds a better ring.

Let's look at some of the most popular stones for these unique engagement rings. We will examine the characteristics of each of these gemstones to help you learn what to shop for.  Maybe your perfect ring is right here?  

Before we go on I want to stress that the following are only the most popular gemstones and most of them are considered precious stones, which are more expensive than  semi-precious.  There are countless unique semi-precious stones to explore that didn't make the list but are worth your attention.  If you want suggestion just comment below so I can respond or email me at



Top Gemstone Engagement Ring #1:


One of the most popular precious gemstones is Sapphire.  Yes, the stone that adorned Princess Diana and Kate Middleton's halo engagement ring. This gorgeous stone is fairly strong compared to some of the other minerals on the market today.  It is available in a variety of colors, ranging from a rich blue and to a romantic pink and even yellow!  However, the most popular color is blue. 

When you find the ring you want, be sure to ask for a sapphire with a rich blue hue that is 'eye clean,' meaning there are no visible inclusions.  You will also want to ask for a stone without an 'eye'.  A stone with an 'eye' has a dark spot in the middle that indicates it was not well cut.  At Bella's we only use David Connolly sapphires jewelry, which is known for it's exceptional color, expert cut, and clean stones.  Here are some of David's most popular designs:  

Gemstone Engagement Rings (5)

Gemstone Engagement Rings (4)
Top Row: Left Right2nd Row: Left Right3rd Row: Left RightBottom Row: Left Right
*All David Connolly designs can be ordered in all gemstones in a variety of metals


Top Gemstone Engagement Ring #2:


Emerald is another popular precious gemstone.  It's royal green color is popular with brides-to-be that want an Irish inspired design.  While this stone is the most famous of the Beryl family of stones, it's natural qualities are surprising because emeralds are naturally included.  These inclusions give them a mystic and almost cloudy look.  Yes, that' right, they are not perfect stones.  If someone tries giving you a flawless emerald it is most likely a Tsavorite (green garnet) or a created stone. 

Natural emeralds are typically treated to mask some of the surface reaching inclusions.  The cracks are filled making them less noticeable.  However, they are sensitive to heat and will break if not cared for properly or if they are too abused.  If you have a bride-to-be that tends to be rough on their jewelry, this may not be the best stone.  Perhaps the  Tsavorite I mentioned earlier with it's similar color would be a better stone. 

Again, we only carry gemstone designs from David Connolly.  His designs are recognized for their exceptional use of colored stone.  Plus, his line can be custom ordered allowing you to order almost any style with any stone they carry in a variety of metals and metal colors.  Here are some of his emerald designs:

Gemstone Engagement Rings (3)
Top Row: Left Right, Bottom Row: Left Right
*All David Connolly designs can be ordered in all gemstones in a variety of metals


Top Gemstone Engagement Ring #3:


Rounding out our top three precious gemstone engagement rings are the rubies!  Rubies have a deep and rich passionate color.  Throughout history they have been given and worn as sign of love.  In fact, in Medieval times, rubies were worn for success in love.  Taking both lore and the fact that rubies are a relatively strong stone into consideration, makes them a great stone for an engagement ring. Here are a few designs from David Connolly: 

Gemstone Engagement Rings (2)
Top Row: Left RightBottom Row: Left Right
*All David Connolly designs can be ordered in all gemstones in a variety of metals


Top Gemstone Engagement Ring #4:

Cultured Pearl

Yes, pearls!  These beautiful stones are a renewable and sustainable resource and, while they use resources to farm the stones, they do not require any mining.  However, buyer beware, fresh water pearls are finding their way into the fine jewelry market.  These low cost pearls can be hard to identify by an untrained eye.  Therefore, buying from a reputable collection of jewelry is essential; we only buy pearl designs from David Connolly.  An ideal cultured pearl will have a clean white luminescent color with a radiant luster.  

Gemstone Engagement Rings (6)

Gemstone Engagement Rings (1)
Top Row: Left Right2nd Row: Left Right3rd Row: Left RightBottom Row: Left Right
 *All David Connolly designs can be ordered in all gemstones in a variety of metals

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