5 Curved Wedding Bands You Must See

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Jun 6, 2016 10:58:14 AM
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curved and countoured wedding bands

If you are a bride who desires a well matched wedding set then curved wedding bands are for you!  The curvature of the band allows it to fit snug against the engagement ring making for a cohesive look.  Plus, the overwhelming variety of curved wedding bands available today, ensures that you will find the perfect ring to match your engagement ring setting, even if the set does not have one.  Here are 5 top selling curved wedding bands that you must see:


plain curved wedding bandsCurved Wedding Bands #1: Simple Gold Curved Wedding Bands

There is nothing quite as timeless as a simple gold wedding band.  The bold lines of the gold and the subtle curvature of the silhouette are exquisite. It will compliment a classic solitaire with it's timeless beauty just as well as it will juxtapose an ornate engagement ring setting.


vintage curved wedding bandsCurved Wedding Bands #2: Vintage Style Curved Wedding Bands

Lately, vintage engagement rings have huge in the bridal world.   However, when you buy these rings, they often times do not have matching wedding bands. Going to a design house, like Jabel, is a great way to find a matching wedding band with the same authentic details and made using similar production methods.  Jabel has not only been producing jewelry for 100 years but they continue the same time-tested heirloom techniques that many of today's vintage rings were made with: die striking, hand engraving, etc.  This is one of Jabel's vintage style wedding bands with a millgrained edge, a vine and leaf pattern, and crafted in rose gold.  


channel curved wedding bandsCurved Wedding Bands #3: Channel Set Diamond Curved Wedding Bands

 Channel set wedding bands are wonderful rings for active brides.  The flush setting helps protect the diamonds from bumps, bangs, and abrasions.  These bands pair just as beautifully with a coordinating channel set mounting as they do with a classic solitaire.  


diamond curved wedding bandsCurved Wedding Bands #4: Common Prong Curved Wedding Bands

Common prong engagement rings are another popular engagement ring trend and this design is an ideal match.  However, if you have a classic solitaire and want to add a little extra sparkle to your bridal set, then this is the perfect ring for that too!  


floral curved wedding bandsCurved Wedding Bands #5: Floral Curved Wedding Bands

This is the ideal wedding band for brides who have unique engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, floral engagement rings, or even if they just want to pair something fun with a classic solitaire!  The curved eternity style flower and leaf design can also be customized with diamonds burnished in the center of flowers for an extra punch of sparkle.  

Have you considered  how lifestyle will affect your  choice of wedding band?


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June 06, 2016

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