4Cs Diamond Rings and What You Need To Know

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The 4C's of Diamonds are a brilliant (no pun intended) means of evaluating, understanding, and discussing the characteristics of a diamond.  It breaks down the 4 most important characteristics into easily digestible topics that are easy for anyone to understand.  

This is important because without the 4C's you wouldn't have a way of communicating what you want or understanding what you are getting for your investment.  Granted, each category is still very complex, but if you take some time to study each of the categories you will be sure to find the perfect stone!   


The 4C's of Diamonds

Do you know the 4Cs diamonds yet?  If not, and if you are shopping for an engagement ring, you will learn them very soon.  They include:

Color - Cut - Clarity - Carat

4Cs of Diamonds: Color

Color measures the degree of color (a yellowish/brown tint) present in a stone.  The more absent color is, the higher the quality and the better the brilliance.


4Cs of Diamonds: Cut

The cut of a diamond determines the quality of the craftsmanship involved in cutting the diamond's facets.  Exact proportions are required to bring out the stone's brilliance.  


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4Cs of Diamonds: Clarity

The internal purity of a stone is measured by it's clarity.  The more noticeable and concentrated the inclusions are, the poorer the quality.  


4Cs of Diamonds: Carat

Carat refers to the weight of the stone; not the size.  However, there is a direct correlation between the cut of the stone and it's approximate carat weight which is why we often think of carat as the physical dimensions of a stone.

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Cost Saving Tips for Buying Diamonds
(Shhh, these are our little secrets)

Like it or not, not everyone can afford an over-the-top-red-carpet-Hollywood-diva engagement ring, sometimes you need to set a budget.  However, that is no reason to have to settle.  There are plenty of cost saving steps you can take to trim the budget in inconspicuous places to get a red-carpet-ring of your own!  Here they are:

4Cs Diamond Tip #1: You Can't Always See The Flaws

First off, no one should say "I want a flawless diamond."   There are gorgeous jaw-dropping stones that are far from flawless.  It is important for you to keep in mind that diamonds are evaluate under extreme magnification, beyond what the eye can perceive. Plus, they are evaluated by trained gemologist.  Therefore, unless you are proposing to gemologist with a bionic eye, you really need to give some of these 'flawed' diamonds a chance. After all, a flaw is simply nature's serial number!

4Cs Diamond Tip #2: Get The Look Without The Size

Diamond prices increase at a disproportionate rate, jumping in price per carat with every incremental increase in carat size.  However, the actual mm size difference is very hard for the eye to perceive; again, unless you are proposing to a trained gemologist.  So, look for stones that are slightly smaller than your target carat weight and free up some of your budget for increased color, cut, or clarity.  After all, having a big stone with poor quality is just making it easier to see an ugly stone.  

4Cs Diamond Tip #3: Round is Best

Today's brides are in love with fancy cut diamonds; princess, cushion, emerald cut, etc. However, fancy cut diamonds come with a higher price per carat cost.  Try a classic round brilliant cut diamond set into a setting similar to the one she wants or look into illusion settings (like our Jabel halo or David Connolly halo) to get the fancy look without the added cost.  

4Cs Diamond Tip #4: Support Not Suppress

I can not stress how important it is to have the RIGHT person, friend of family member, as your confidant when your buying a diamond, selecting the engagement ring, and planning the proposal.  

First off, there are a number of reasons why it's good to have a friendly face (or text buddy) around when your getting ready to propose. First, it's an overwhelming process. Sure, at first you may think "I'm just going to pick out a pretty ring."  Then you find out you need to learn about diamonds, and the 4Cs of Diamonds is a lot to take in.  Then you need to find a setting.  Then you need to plan the proposal.  Then you need to get your fiance there...stop me when this is starting to sound overwhelming.  The fact is, it's a good idea to have a friend for moral support, who can help you take a mental break.  Second, a confidant, can help you keep things in perspective, stay of budget, and remind you that the ring, while it's important, is not as important as the life you are building together.  

Now, just because you need to find a confidant, doesn't mean that your best buddy is an ideal candidate.  I'm not saying keep him or her out of the loop, but make sure the voice you listen to, and trust in the most, will not sway your opinion, rather, reinforce your true goal.  After all, no one knows your fiance-to-be as well as you!

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