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Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Nov 6, 2017 3:23:44 PM
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Budget!  This dreaded word is often the biggest stress factors for couples getting engaged. The challenge of finding a beautiful ring that will not break the bank before you say 'I do" is a legitimate concern.  Luckily, we have some great ideas to help you find an affordable engagement ring that is an honor to wear...and affordable to own!

Finding Affordable Engagement Rings
(It's Easier Than You Think)

Good news!  In today's bridal world, anything goes; from classic to unique engagement rings.  It's all about following your own path.  I have seen a rise in couples of all ages looking to buck tradition and follow their dreams, while others are searching out the perfect classic setting.  Luckily, both have affordable options.

So whether you want a traditional diamond engagement ring (we have some gorgeous rings that would be perfect) or a non-traditional engagement ring, what's important is that you follow your heart and keep the focus where it should be; staying within budget and eliminating any unnecessary emotional and financial burdens.  After all, you shouldn't say 'yes' because of the ring, you should say 'yes' because you are in love.  So, let your love be the focus, and the ring merely the icing on the cake.  Here are 4 tips to finding beautiful and affordable engagement rings.

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Affordable Engagement Rings #1: Solitaire

If quality matters most, look no further than a timeless solitaire.  This classic engagement ring is elegant, iconic, and it allows you to focus your budget on a single quality stone rather than putting out money on an okay stone so you can afford a costly mounting.  Plus, you can add ring guards if you want glam up your look later on.

Tip: Since your diamond will be an investment, protect it with a die struck setting that will have the strength and integrity to protect your stone.

Recommended: For couples concerned with buying a quality diamond


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Affordable Engagement Rings #2: Halo

If you love the look of a big bold diamond ring, but a large stone is not in the budget, consider a halo engagement ring.  We have seen lots of gorgeous halo's in Hollywood and the trend isn't going anywhere.  Why?  Simple, adding a halo of smaller (affordable stones) around the center stone gives it the illusion of a large diamond center stone.  

Tip: Be sure to match the diamond grades of the smaller diamonds with your center stone or you could up with an unpleasant contrast.

Recommended: For Diamond Lovers


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Affordable Engagement Rings #3: Gemstone

Thanks to Millennials we have seen a rise in the demand for gemstone engagement rings.  Not only are these ring equally as beautiful as their diamond counterparts, but they are actually affordable engagement rings; all of the rings featured above are under $1,000 (without any coupon or special offers).  What's more, there are many styles to choose from including classic, modern, and vintage engagement rings.  There is truly something for everyone with these affordable gemstone engagement rings.

Tip:  If you want a touch of traditionalism in your gemstone engagement ring, look for rings with defined center stones.

Recommended: For Millennial Couples and Out-Of-The Box Engagement Ring Shoppers

Images: Sapphire, Rhodolite, Aquamarine


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Affordable Engagement Rings #4: Two Rings In One

An emerging engagement ring trend is buying a ring that doubles as an engagement ring and a wedding band.  These rings are typically a hybrid of both; bolder than a wedding and more restrained than an engagement ring.  This trend places all the symbolism in one ring rather than splitting it among two rings.  It's a romantic option that will save you from buying two rings.

Tip: If this trend is for you, then you will want to decide now if matching wedding bands are important because it may affect your fiances's ring selection.

Recommended: For Symbolic Couples


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