2020 Wedding Band Trends:  New Looks, Consistent Favorites, and Reigning Classics

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Wedding Band Trends_Header Throughout the past decade the wedding industry has seen a tremendous shift towards personal expression.  Long gone are the rules that once dictated every aspect of a wedding from white wedding gowns and formal banquet halls, to stiff posed photography and matchy-matchy wedding bands.  Today's weddings are all about telling your love story, through unique details and creative wedding planning.

However, with all this freedom, comes a lot more choices that can often feel overwhelming.  Lucky for you, I am here to help get you started on your wedding band journey.  

First, let's talk about choice!  There are really no rules when it comes to selecting your wedding bands.  If you love it, nothing else matters.  However, that doesn't mean that traditional wedding band styles are not for you.  For example, if you love the look of a well matched curved wedding band, than go for it!  After all, the new trend to give you the freedom to choose means just that...you choose what you love, regardless of whether it's traditional or modern.  Again, if you love it, than that's the ring for you.

That being said, if you still feel overwhelmed and need a starting point, I am happy to explore a variety of styles and trends that are popular today.  Below I have divided my recommendations into 3 groups: new trends, consistent trends, and trends that will never go out of style.  As you read through these trends, keep in mind that many of them can be combined to create a look that is both trend setting and classic.  Finally, as you read though this list please remember to follow your heart...after all, it already led you to the love of your life!


New 2020 Wedding Band Trends

Minimalist Wedding Bands

A minimlast wedding band tends to be a narrow plain gold or diamond band.  It's tiny and understated.  It tends to match almost any ring style.  For big engagement ring it adds contrast.  For modest engagement rings, it is subtle and does not take attention away from the the engagement ring.

minimal diamond bands

rose gold minimal wedding bands

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Colored stones have arrived on the bridal season, and they are gorgeous!  Some brides choose their birthstone.  However, you can also play with the birthstone idea, using the stone that represents the month you met or are getting married.  Here is a link to the find out what stones represent each month.


sapphire and diamond wedding band with vintage style

vintage style ruby and diamond wedding band

emerald and diamond wedding band with vintage details

intricate vintage style sapphire wedding ring

Big Diamonds

The complete opposite of the minimalist band are these big diamond bands!  These bold chunky wedding rings are pure luxury.  They are a especially fun way to add contrast to a classic solitaire engagement ring.  Plus, you can easily work in alternating gemstones for a combine big diamond/gemstone wedding band look.

Bold diamond band

big diamond eternity band


Consistent Wedding Band Trends

Rose Gold Wedding Bands

The vintage romance of a rose gold continues to be a favorite with wedding rings shoppers.  The soft blush color pairs beautifully with all metals, adding warmth to a crisp white gold or platinum engagement ring, and complimenting the soft hue of a yellow gold engagement ring.  You can't go wrong with rose gold!  Also [warning, a shameless self promotion to follow], all our wedding bands can be made in 14KT rose gold.

rose gold vintage wedding band

stackable rose gold diamond band with vintage millgrain

carved rose gold wedding band

Stackable Wedding Bands

Stackable wedding take all the guess workout of anniversary gifts, simply add another ring for your first anniversary, push present, or to mark a major life achievement.  This way, your wedding set also represents milestones in your life. 

stackable wedding bands scroll band


stackable rope diamond band


Two Wedding Bands

Why wear one wedding band when you can wear two?  The double wedding band look has a number of benefits.  First, it can act as a ring guard protecting the top and bottom of the engagement ring's band from bumps and bangs.  Second, it gives your wedding set a balanced look.  Third, with every style that is done in excess, the double wedding band look has a definite luxury feel.  INSIDER TIP: Any wedding band can purchased as a set, just talk to your Bella's Personal Shopper for suggestions.

ring guard with modern style

plain gold modern ring guards

diamond petite band* Note: This band is sold as a single band, purchase two for a double wedding band look. *


Reigning Classics...Never Go Out of Style

Curved Wedding Bands 

Curved wedding bands will always be a favorite among brides looking for a well matched look.  Unlike a straight wedding band that may not sit flush against your engagement ring, a curved wedding band is custom fit to match the curvature of your engagement ring, especially around the main setting.  My only word of caution is that, aesthetically, curved wedding bands need to be worn with the engagement ring, otherwise the curve can look out of place.  

curved engraved wedding band

diamond curved detail wedding band

channel set curved wedding band


Plain Gold Bands

Nothing says wedding like a plain gold band.  Available in a minimalist narrow width or a wide cigarette style wedding band, these rings match any engagement ring, sit nice and flush against the finger, and a great wedding band for everyday wear and tear. 

plain gold band with vintage engraved edges

simple rose gold wedding band


Matching Wedding Bands

Matching your spouse's wedding band with yours may be old fashion, but it's also extremely romantic!  Plus, with a wider definition of 'matching' you still have lots of freedom.  To find the perfect matching wedding rings, find one or two design elements that you both love and search our rings that share those element(s).  


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