2019 Engagement Rings: Trendy Not Crazy

Posted by Bella's Fine Jewelers on Apr 18, 2019 3:26:28 PM
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I recently googled "Engagement Ring Trends" and what I found was...well, a little crazy.  It certainly is not what we have been seeing among shoppers or with our contacts in the industry.  

Now, please don't get me wrong, I love a good trend, but an engagement ring isn't a purchase that you will wear for a couple years and then tuck away in your jewelry box;  thinking "Wow, I can't believe I wore that."  Rather, your engagement ring style is one that needs to last a lifetime, looking as beautiful in 30 years as the day you first presented it.  

So, how do we know what trends are safe?  We need to look at what trends can be carried over into classic engagement rings while not taking away from either of the styles' appeal.  This will allow us to marry these elements together into one beautiful ring.  The result will be a classic piece of fine jewelry that gives a nod to the trends but with an overall style that will withstand the test of time.  

Here are five 2019 trends that pair beautifully with classic engagement rings.  As you will see, these rings embody the look of classic engagement ring designs with the fun and unique nature of today's top trends. 


1. Colorful Metal

Colored metal has been making a come back for years now, with rose gold (aka pink gold) being one of the most popular.  It is so popular that both our designers, Jabel and David Connolly, have begun offering almost every design in 14KT rose gold.

However, if you really want to explore colored metal, I strongly suggest exploring Jabel's carved jewelry collection.  Many of the rings in this collection are available in a mixed metal, or two tone metal combination traditionally 14KT pink and green gold.  


ns4501w18y - Crop




2. Three-Stone

Thanks to Prince Harry, three-stone rings are making a comeback!  Yes, these over-the-top designs are available in a variety of designs; from simple to ornate.  Typically in three-stone designs, the center stone will be visually larger than the smaller diamonds side stones that sit on the shoulders of the ring.  Here are a selection of beautiful three-stone engagement rings. 






3. Decadent Bands

Yes, a decadent diamond eternity band can be just as jaw-dropping as a traditional diamond engagement ring.  I included this trend because, while this is certainly not a traditional engagement ring, it is a classic design that will be appealing for years to come.  Plus, it is very easy to pair a wedding band against this design as it's silhouette offers clean straight lines.  Likewise, if you are shopping together and are on a budget, a diamond band engagement ring can double as your wedding band.  Here are some gorgeous diamond eternity bands ranging in price and bling.


1660w_1000 (1)


AW1026_U406W - Copy


dcw934_18u414y_1000x1000 - Crop-1






4. Vintage Designs

Vintage engagement rings remain a favorite among brides.  These romantic designs are reminiscent of a lost era; with details that are ornate and intricate.  Without a doubt, these rings are simply beautiful.  Here are a variety of designs from solitaires to diamond mountings for you to fall in love with...

dm4514u418w (1)






5. Colored Stone

Color is back, and it's hard to believe that it ever went away.  This trend is born of a globally conscience movement as well as an influence from the UK's royal family.  Yes, that is correct; thank you Prince William for the return of this trend.  Here are a variety of designs that would each make a beautiful unique gemstone engagement ring.


1699SAW_1000_crop*Three-Stone Trend
4619saw*Three-Stone Trend
*Vintage Trend
*Vintage Style
Note: East West Set (sideways) is a potential
engagement ring trend that we are watching.
1680PTPG - Crop
* Vintage Style
*Rose Gold 
*East West Setting
*Vintage Style Halo Setting
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