Bring 2018 Wedding Colors Into Your Bridal Look With Jewelry and Wedding Rings

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Jewelry is a great way to pull your wedding colors into your bridal fashion.  This can include key pieces of wedding jewelry, like your wedding band, to accessory pieces, like your necklace, earrings, or bracelet.  

Are you asking "why is this important?" The answer really comes down to how you want to commemorate this special moment in your life.  In my opinion, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to not only grow your jewelry wardrobe but do so with sentimental and meaningful pieces of jewelry. Selecting jewelry that ties into some aspect of your wedding theme, such as color, is a great way to keep your wedding day alive for the rest of your life.

Some brides, may be unsure if they can wear more 'casual' looking jewelry on such a special occasion.  The answer is, Yes!  Today's weddings are about authenticity rather than old fashion expectations.  So, NO, you do not need to spend a penny of your precious wedding budget on a junk glam jewelry (AKA base metal and cubic zirconium); where the metallic paint will rub off and the 'stones' will become cloudy.  Spend your budget on quality that extends past one day's festivities.  

Take this opportunity to select quality jewelry that will not only look beautiful on your wedding day, but for the rest of your life.  This way you can relive this special day each and every time you wear that meaningful piece of jewelry for the rest of your life.  

Here are some great examples of popular 2018 wedding color schemes and some suggestions for how to represent them in your wedding jewelry:

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Themed Wedding Jewelry #1: Blush Weddings Colors

Having spent almost 15 years working in jewelry (with a passion for wedding jewelry), I can tell you that over the past years I have seen blush take the bridal world by storm with everything from angelic blush colored gowns to soft pink florals.  This is color scheme also inspired the jewelry world with a dramatic rise in rose gold wedding bands!  Here are some beautiful rose gold wedding bands that might be the perfect tie in for your look on your day...

1652pg_tight crop.jpg










purple and green wedding color scheme 2018 weddings-1.jpg


Themed Wedding Jewelry #2: Ultra Violet

The color of the year, as proposed by Pantone, is Ultra Violet.  This brilliant and beautiful shade of purple is an ideal wedding color for a number of reasons.  First, it pairs with a variety of other colors.  Second, purple is an easy color to wear as it compliments almost everyone.  Finally, with a rise in woodsy and nature themed weddings, purple pairs beautifully with the earthy green hues that tend to be the root of these weddings.  Ultra Violet is also an easy stone to tie in with your bridal jewelry thanks to the popular gemstone, Amethyst!  Here are some lovely examples of Amethyst jewelry...

3111amw_crop low.jpg


3044amwcrop low.jpg

PD726AMW-1000crop low.jpg3063AMW-1000_crop low.jpg






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Themed Wedding Jewelry #3: Gemstone Wedding Bands

I love the fact that gemstone are finally finding their place in engagement rings and wedding bands (especially when they are set with Sapphires).  It's important to note that you do not need to have a gemstone engagement ring to wear one of these beautiful gemstone wedding bands.  In fact, adding a pop of color in your wedding bands is a great way to compliment an all diamond engagement ring.  Here are some of my favorite sapphire wedding bands...


1701SAWCrop flip.jpg
















1645sa_tight crop.jpg



gold and black color scheme 2018 wedding colors.jpg

Themed Wedding Jewelry #4: Gold, Glamour & Gorgeous

Yellow gold is timeless.  It embodies everything that is glamorous, romantic, and luxurious!  Therefore, it makes perfect sense that it will continue to be a go-to wedding color scheme for 2018 weddings.  Here are some great example of gold jewelry to pull that theme into your wedding...









blue wedding colors 2018 weddings.jpg


Themed Wedding Jewelry #5: Something Blue Weddings 

When it comes to blue gemstones, many people automatically assume that it has to be Sapphire.  While I love Sapphires, there are several other blue stones to choose from including Blue Topaz, Blue Zircon, and Aquamarine.  Here, is a collection of each of these beautiful stones for your consideration...

Blue Topaz


Blue Topaz



muted color scheme 2018 wedding colors.jpg

Themed Wedding Jewelry #6: Ethereal Wedding Colors

Not only are soft colors an excellent choice for an ethereal wedding color scheme, but they translate into some beautiful jewelry options.  Here are some white and softly colored stones that will give your jewelry an equally ethereal feeling including opal and cultured pearl...









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