March 15, 2018

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Bring 2018 Wedding Colors Into Your Bridal Look With Jewelry and Wedding Rings

Wedding colors and jewelry.jpg 

Jewelry is a great way to pull your wedding colors into your bridal fashion.  This can include key pieces of wedding jewelry, like your wedding band, to accessory pieces, like your necklace, earrings, or bracelet.  

March 07, 2018

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Tips For Matching Wedding Bands With My Engagement Ring

 matching and non matching wedding bands

The first thing you need to remember when you're trying to match a wedding band with your engagement ring is that there are NO RULES!  Therefore, it doesn't matter if it's an exact matching wedding band or you want to explore matching wedding bands that have some differences from your engagement ring.  What matters is that you love the wedding band you choose.  Here are two examples of the same diamond band with it's matching engagement ring, as well as a non-matching engagement ring:

matching wedding bands
Matched Wedding Band and Engagement Ring Set


February 07, 2018

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Wedding Trends 2018: Dogwood Wedding Ideas

wedding trends 2018 dogwood wedding ideas

Wedding Trends 2018: Dogwood Wedding Ideas

One of my favorite flowers is poised to be the 'it' flower for 2018 weddings and the evidence is everywhere; dogwood bouquets, dogwood wedding gowns, dogwood wedding cakes, dogwood wedding bands...the list just goes on!  Here are some of my favorite examples and if you follow the links you can learn more about the designers behind them.  Enjoy!

February 01, 2018

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What Is a Claddagh Ring? Discover Celtic Jewelry

Claddagh Ring and a Celtic Jewelry tradition

The Claddagh has a rich history dating back over 300 years to a small fishing village in Galway, Ireland, for which is also it's namesake, Claddagh.  There are two Galway legends that are believed to be the origin of the ring.  What legend do you believe?

Legend of The Claddagh: Richard Joyce's Love
One legend says that, Galway native, Richard Joyce had been captured by East Indie pirates who sold him into slavery at a plantation in Algeria.  It was there that Richard learned the art of metal smithing.  After escaping or being released he returned home to his true love.  It is said that before he left the plantation he took some of the precious metal dust from which he would craft his true love the first Claddagh ring to show her his love, friendship, and fidelity throughout his absence.

April Birthstone Diamond: A Desired Stone Throughout Time 

April Birthstone Diamond .jpg

In addition to being one of the most sought after gems on the planet, diamonds are also the birthstone for those lucky enoght to be born in April!  From their lusterous prismatic flashes to theor enchanting legend and lore, diamonds are gift to be treasured!

Birthstone Jewelry: From January to December Birthstone History and Symbolism


The tradition of wearing stones to represent the month you were born in, has a long and rich history that has crossed cultures, geography, and time.  Today we call them 'birthstones.' 

March Birthstone Aquamarine: Science, Lore, & Beautiful Jewelry

March Birthstone Aquamarine

In addition to being the March birthstone, aquamarine is one of the most beloved gemstones today.  From the enchanting blue color, to it's rich history in legend and lore, aquamarine is always a top choice for jewelry shoppers!

January 22, 2018

The Bells

Wedding Bands Sets His and Her Matching Rings You Will L.O.V.E.

 wedding band sets his and hers matching sets LOVE_banner.jpg

Without question, his and hers matching wedding band sets are romantic.  From their long standing tradition of symbolizing love, commitment, and dedication; to their beautiful unified look, it is no wonder countless couples are choosing matching wedding bands.  Lucky for today's couples, their are a wide range of options to choose from; including traditional styles that are near identical to more modern interpretations that have unique characteristics of their own while still matching.  Yes, there are endless matching wedding band sets to choose from!

January 18, 2018

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Two Wedding Bands: Ring Guard Styles You Will Love

ring guard the two wedding band look you will love header.jpg

Do you love the look of two wedding bands?  If so, you are not alone.  Countless brides are choosing the look of double wedding bands for their big day. And, the easiest way to accomplish this is with a ring guard set.  

January 15, 2018

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Rustic Chic Woodsy Wedding Ideas for 2018 Weddings

Woodsy Wedding Ideas 2-1.jpg

Are you a fan of rustic chic weddings?  Then you will love this new evolution towards nature centered woodsy weddings.  From intimate woodland wedding locations to plant and floral inspired wedding rings and gowns; woodsy weddings give you an opportunity to be bold and creative.  I simply can't wait to see what 2018 will bring!  Here are some beautiful woodsy wedding looks that I love...and the creative people behind them!